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Dec '04 Holidays

For xmas this year, we went to Jenn's Uncle and Aunts house in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Jenn lived with them in Dallas in her teens. Blew the whole vegan thing for her.

That's Jenn's Dad on the left with her Aunt. He's a band aid expert.

And Jenn's Mom making Bambie sausage.

Lots of Bambie sausage. With some Wilby (Charlotte's Web) mixed in there.

This is Jenn's sister Princess Sissy. Also Austin, Kesley, and Sunny's Aunt. With Kujo.

See the resemblance between Sissy and 'baby girl'? Don't miss the cool Dad story across Experience Early Austin and Austin Babies.

Jenn really loves her Aunt.  She has always been there to listen and Jenn is still not convinced that she ripped off her BNL ring some years ago at a Family gathering.  As you can see she definitely loves bling. 

All part of the Holiday show.  That Jenn's Dad that would always rather be on a boat than anywhere, Unlce David in the background manning the door and checking ID's, Jenn's mom in the front, Mark who has been trying to feel Jenn's legs up for the last five years, Jenn thinking about it, and Aunt Linda.

The girls made a huge mess in Katherine's room looking for the perfect outfit for two days straight.  When the found it they gave us a performance in them.  Then soaked the bathroom floor with tons of bathwater that Jenn cleaned up for them before Aunt Linda would find out.


White Christmas!!! This year it snowed (well sleeted where we were) ~ but actually snowed and stuck from 7-12 inches on the Texas Gulf Coast. This was the first time that's happened in recorded history, or maybe the second, the first being in the late 1800s. Were they keeping records then? Look it up. I don't know. But it was pretty unique.

Jenn's Cousin Abel. We didn't get any pictures of his cool sister Laura, bummer.

Lots of kids. Lots of presents.

Sleep. And maybe a kid was eaten ~ look at that tongue!

At least we still had the Corgi.

On xmas day we went to see Greg's Grandmother, Ditty. She's 96 (but don't tell her ~ I AM NOT 96, I'M 93!). Here she's having an in depth discussion with Austin about ship building.

Here she is with her late husband, Bo on board the RMS Queen Mary around mid 1967.

And back in 2004 with some great grandkids that love her much.

Those are Greg's brothers kids, or Greg and Jenns Niece and Nephews, or BNF kids cousins. Also known as Ditty's other great grandkids.

And that's Grandpa Perry, Granny, Trey, James, Patti, Ashleigh, Greg, Jenn, Sunny (going, going...), Austin, Ditty, Dustin, and Kesley.


The world famous Continental Club on South Congress in Austin, TX. They've all played here at one time or another. These guys rocked.  There ain't nothing better than a smoky little place like the Continental Club in Texas, you could almost hear all the stories, bands, and fame oozing out of a place like this.  And you can take the kids.

So do these guys. This is on the way to our New Years Eve celebration between Houston and Austin at a Lake James and Patti's Family loves to camp.

This is where Uncle James' played a big role in getting Austin closer to Rock stardom.

BIG win on this gift. BIG.

That's most of us again with Santa Granddad.

Santa has trouble with his eyebrows when taking pictures now. Love ya Dad!

It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right. I hope you've had the time of your life. -Green Day


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