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YMCA Firehouse/La Jolla, CA Fuzion!

May 28, 2004 ~ BNFamily Foundation affiliated with the YMCA in La Jolla, CA (just outside of San Diego). The YMCA has converted an old Firehouse in downtown La Jolla (dubbed 'La Joity' ~ 'J' makes the 'H' sound) by the BNF. La Jolla is similar to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, hence La Joity as in Hoity Toity. All in love ;-)

Some of these pictures are video captures and some are from our digital camera. We are unable to capture good pix of the night cause we turn the lights down and we're using glowsticks and flashlights for Rock Show ambiance. Believe us though ~ it's HOT! and so not Hokey Pokey...

Tonight will be a BareNakedFamily Firehouse night.

Unlike it used to be.

The Dub Saints played for us ~ they are a SoCal rock band ~ punkish, Ska'ish, surf'ish, pop'ish ~ sooo SoCal. They Rocked the night ~ here they're doing sound check early in the day. That's Tim on lead guitar and vocals. Jenn's got the hots for Tim. Thinkin' Kes and Sunny do too...

That's Rian ~ also known as Rhyne or Rhyno. Our friend Pete hooked us up with these guys. Kes, Sunny, and Bella have the hots for Rhyno. Band guys are just hot.

Peter Ballantyne is the director of the YMCA Firehouse and really hooked us up for this Fuzion! He also is mastah sound and light guy ~ keep the guitar amp off '11'!

Tim on guitar ~ at '11'. Sunny (orange) in the groove.

Guitars on '11'. I knew it.

Austin on '12'. That's a Rock Star.

And that's a bonafide Rock Star.

And that's a wannabe. Thinkin the smile blows the whole Rock Star thing, don't ya think? Greg's just happy to be here with the band...

Guhhh ~ rhooooo ~ peees.

Nice setup "Y" ~ way to go Peter!

Ta ta ta ta ta ta bump tsss bump tsss bump ta ta ta ta bump... Rhyno rocks. He grew up in a musical family and learned piano early (rocked on the Y's P, as in 'iano') ~ fell in love with the drums at about 10yo ~ tells Austin this is the drum kit he got at 10 years old! How cool is that?

Sean (Shawn?) ~ not sure yet ~ on Bass guitar. He kept it all together for the band ~ playing the foundation along with the drums. Sean was way cool, but we unfortunately got to spend less time with him than the other guys. Rock Star attitude thing we're sure ;-). Diva types show up at the last minute, hop on the stage, and rock your world! Got to spend some time with our lawster friend from Austin ~ Linda ~ turns out his day job is Lawyer too! Bit of a connect, groupie thing going on here. Electric Voltage.

Tim's da bomb. He's the lead guy, the front man, the Rock Star. He's played all over L.A. and been in the music biz a while. He grew up in Chicago, spent time in Vail, CO where he came up with the bands' name ~ Dub Saints ~ then moved to L.A. where he's played in all the best of clubs on Sunset Strip and all over. He's found peace and a great life in San Diego where he fits in perfectly as a surfer type dude musician. And he's got the girls attention in a big way.

We're telling you, we're just not sure what this guys about yet. Mysterious musician type. Linda's all over it.

Rod and Phillip are great friends of the BNF and we're pumped they made the show. Phillip rocked the floor and kept the energy high all night. Thanks for coming guys ~ you made our night!

Tim's our bud we recently met while staying in Mission Beach. He's prez of the local UMF chapter and rebuilding Dougs house across from the Nodlands place in Mission Beach. He's a grandpa that brought a huge brood of offspring ~ they were great! 

There's one of Tims granddaughters ~ one part of twins. They were rockin out heavy on the glowstick encircled Kid Mosh pit.

Austin and Phillip are some of the best kids you'll meet, and they know how to rock it old school and mosh with the best of 'em!

Glowsticks and Rock Stars and kids ~ it don't get better than this! Enjoy some pix...

One of the coolest things about this evening was being in La Joity and watching the locals walk by, hearing the band from a distance (playing some heavy rock!). They'd walk by surely expecting some teen or adult group then see all the younger kids with slammin on the floor with their parents and colored flashlights, glowsticks, and screamin' great times. Lots of double takes and gawkin' ~ it was great! The energy was definitely high and the Fuzion! atmosphere was nailed. This guy gawked awhile then made a long phone call ~ cops? Not sure, maybe he thought rawkin crazies have invaded his previously quiet and calm La Joity ~ overall he seemed 'amused'.

This would be looking in behind him. You can almost hear the Rock Show coming out the door! Just behind him is Saks Fifth Ave. Weird.

Ladies and Gentlemen ~ Dub Saints! Whooooo!!! Yeah.

Thanks a million guys! Can't wait till we're all famous ~ these guys are our first pick for our 'fam-ah-palooza' style tour ~ they're getting their own Prevost!

Phillip, Rod, And Austin ~ the fire is HOT!

That's Tim with his granddaughter in orange ~ we stink at names.

That's Rhyno autographing their playlist ~ 'To the BareNakedFamily' ~ our autograph collection to the BNF is growing fast!

The end of the night included hooking up the kids with the instruments and musicians ~ share a few cool riffs ~ very inspiring and right on. Much Love to the Dub Saints for hookin up the Groms!

There's the team that made the night possible ~ BNF with Dub Saints, Weed, and Lujan-Reisters.

Weed and Lujan with some high strung kids. Sleeping good tonight, baby! Lujan is our legal/logistics counsel and is the only one credited with attending EVERY Fuzion! so far!

That's Peter B. (Y director) and his son, Liam, on the left. Behind Austin is May that works with the 'Y' and helped us out tonight. Thanks to the folks at the YMCA Firehouse that helped make this night possible. Whatcha lookin at Jenn and Weed?

Hot mommas. Wannabe groupies.

And the core team that made this night possible. Check out all the 'Flaming Stars' ~ we're a hot group, ready to take over the world! At least the families that are needing some Rock Shows. We're coming your way. Lock up your anti-Rock types!


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