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Sixth Street ~ Austin, Texas

Sixth Street is one of the coolest places to go see some live music.  It is full of bars and restaurants that often have live music playing every night of the week.  It kinda sucks for families because it's not really family friendly and more of a college age thing.  But we want to hear live music too!  That's one of the reasons we started the BNFamily foundation ~ to share the music and dance party atmosphere for families with kids.   We usually go down to Sixth Street anyway and poke into some places with the kids to get a fill of the live music scene. The kids absolutely love it and ask to 6th Street often!

Greg and the kids stalking the Omni hotel in downtown because we heard that Johnny Knoxville from jackass was staying there filming a movie with the Farrelly Brothers.

We snuck up to the pool on the rooftop and cruised around.  We actually took a billion flights of stairs and ducked security a few times to get here.

But the view was worth it!

This is our friend Russell Stanley's church.  Russell is an old friend of our dad's from way back when and one the nicest people you will meet.  He took us on a tour of this church a few days earlier.

The rooftop pool that we were not authorized to be in. This and the hot tub were lined in stainless steel. Very cool look.

When we arrived at the hotel to stalk Johnny Knoxville, to our surprise there was a huge Debutante Ball going on!  They rented out the entire bottom half of the hotel and had decorated beautifully.  We weren't allowed to use the bathrooms because they were inside the private party, so they had to send us to the 19th floor to use the bathrooms up there!  This family picture was taken in that bathroom.

We went back up to the pool in the evening and took these pictures of downtown.

We're such rock stars. See us in the lights! Born to be lit, baby. Hope to learn how to sing and play instruments soon.

After we played around in the hotel we headed back down to the Debutante Ball that we crashed earlier.  Ended up meeting some girl who was cool and into the barenakedfamily so she invited us all back up to her room to meet her boyfriend.  When we showed up at his door she didn't have a key and knocked on the door to get him to come out.  As he opened the door their was a Family right in front of his face and she just smiled and said 'look honey I brought home a Family!'  Apparently he is used to this happening when she has a couple of glasses of wine, but was looking more forward to getting lucky that night as he was standing there in a a shirt completely unbuttoned and his dress pants from that night.  Oh well.

In the elevator on the way down we could see the socialites gathering in the Atrium. We threw a Fuzion! in the Holiday Inn Atrium you know...

Here is one of the Debutante girls coming down.  There were about twenty girls that were being presented.  They have to come down the stairs and do this  fancy bow at the end of the stairs.  We waited around for awhile to see if we could see Johnny Knoxville and never saw him.  We did meet a woman whose brother was starring in the movie with Johnnie and she was very nice and talked to us for awhile.  She told us that Johnnie was not staying at the hotel but that she does see him come into the offices a few times.

So we headed out back to 6th Street and looked for some good music. We were invited in with the kids to one of the many Jazz/Blues bars. We'd have stayed but the smoke sucks.

The kids doing 'Party boy' for some people playing pool and blastin' Eminem out the door. Johnny Knoxville would have loved it!

Drugs and some soda for the kids.

After cruising around 6th Street for awhile we popped into a convenience store to get some drugs and soda.  Why do we take pictures like this?  No, really why do we do it?  Gahhh...idiots...

The Driscoll (Driskill? Driskoll?) Hotel on 6th Street.  Some say it is haunted ~ it has been around for a very long time.

A CooL street performer with the kids ~ thumpin on the bass guitar and hollering some mamba jamba.

This would be behind 6th street on our way out. We think a Fuzion! party bar for families would fit in great down here. We could have smoothies and let the kids mix their own juices and dance with lights and have a ball. Any takers?


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