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BNL Dallas 2003

We had just seen the band three weeks ago in Boston, but since it was the same day of the release of their CD we didn't know any of the words.   It was fun and one of the best shows we had ever seen, but it was a little weird not being able to sing along.  So we found out that they were playing in Dallas and we have been rocking out to their new CD 'Everything to Everyone' for awhile now, so of course we buy tickets and go.  We are Pro-Fans and they need us.

A little similar to the picture in front of the Orpheum Theater in Boston.  This concert was on the SMU campus and we were sure that we had the only MoHo on the campus at the time.

The most beautiful and talented musician I have ever seen.  Yes I am retarded and in love with Steven Page.

See the Lord to the left?

Ed Robertson and his brilliant Mohawk that inspired Austin to go out and express himself also.  Jim is in the background rocking out on his bass as always.  These guys helped to hook us up at the Boston show with the best tickets we had ever received!

Kevin Hearn had actually grown up in the area that we had been staying in Dallas.  Wonderful guy and great musician.

This new CD rocks and these guys have busted their ass on this one and it shows.  We are however a little disappointed on the way the music world works.  These guys are spending all this time working and being away form their families for people like us and they are basically competing with free these days.  Their music has always been a step above and the radio/music corporation always seem to rat hole bands like this with one sound and they are so much more than that.  It really pisses me off that you only hear one song on the radio and people expect them to be like that one song, listen to this CD (Everything to Everyone) and you will see what guys like this can do.  Damn it... I just love this stuff...You know

"Could you just forget if you can't forgive?"...

Even though they are blurry I insisted that we keep them.  I call them our 'In Action' photos.

Total Rock Star shot.

Where's the Skid-O-Can when you need it?

"Maybe it would be fun to get a new opinion, get a little work done, and forget"...  

"It's never enough till you got all the stuff"...

Did I mention that you should buy the CD 'Everything to Everyone'?  It makes these pictures much more enjoyable.

We all stood up and sang this song together.  The kids knew every word to this song and were really proud that they are true fans of great ass music.  I'm starting again..."It's your faith, but it's not your fault"

After the show we headed for the tour buses and thought about waiting for the band.  We cruised and checked out the buses and actually got to meet a Barenaked friend, Shannon, that works with the band and has toured with them for several years.  She talked with us for awhile and it was nice to put a face to the emails that we had written back and forth a few times.  She rocks.  Well, we were really tired and had to get the kids some food because we had actually worked at a festival all day as well, so we decided that a burger was more important at this time and left the concert to go eat.

Thanks to Joe, it was great seeing you again!

Thanks to the Barenaked Ladies for busting their asses on the CD and making it absolutely the best one they have done.  Thanks for taking all the cuts to keep the ticket prices lower.  Thanks for answering the questions and trying new things.  Thanks for the smaller venues and getting more personal.  Thanks for the new sounds.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts that most people are afraid to share.

Now there are four links on this page to the Barenaked Ladies to learn more about them and buy their CD's, we encourage you to live outside the box and give them a try.  You will understand what we are talking about and learn to appreciate these guys for the talent and people they truly are.

If you're quiet, you're not living. You've got to be noisy and colorful and lively. -Mel Brooks


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