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BNL Show October 2003 Experience

So we are hanging out in Salem and the Barenaked Ladies show is sold out in Boston.  It's their first show on the tour ~ on the same day of the release of their new CD ~ Everything to Everyone ~ in the city they call their second home ~ that we happen to be near ~ and we don't have no freakin' tickets!  You think that we are actually going to sit at home and not try to go?

We made these shirts like we always do for every show that we go to except this time we have professional graphic artist equipment that gives us the ability to actually make really cool shirts that don't look like a craft store job.  These guys work hard as hell for their fans, so we work hard for them. Check out our BNL page from previous years here when we were in our early pro-fan career.

Don't doubt our Pro-Fan'ity.

That's the designs on Greg and Jenn's shirts above. Pay attention to the designs on the kids shirts in the pictures below.  We spared no time or cost.

After making all our shirts for the family we jump in the VW and head to the Orpheum Theatre and arrive around 3:00 pm - way before the show - and try to find some tickets.

This is their tour buses out front. You can see our VW parked illegally in the background. They moved some cones around it and Greg had to move it when the BNL merchandise truck showed up.

Our kids rock and they are huge fans of the Barenaked Ladies.  They love getting ready to see any show and are always treated great by the band.  This is their third set of BNL shirts that have been signed and put away after the show.  We have no problem encouraging the kids to chase what makes them happy and if that means hanging outside till they get to talk to the band then that's what we do.  Works well for us too.

This happened within the many hours that we hung out front trying to find some tickets for the show.  It sucked watching everyone pick up their tickets not being sure if we were going to find any.  There was no way we were just going home knowing that they are playing without us. Pro-Fans are very important to any band.

Tyler Stewart seems to be the first one we see every show.  Kesley has this thing about yelling for the stars and getting them to come talk to us!  She's done this before with Tyler and he bit again this time.

Tyler's buddy that went to the record store with him took these pictures for us. We forgot to ask Tyler to sign the shirts. We also saw Jim Creegan but forgot to get a picture AND an autograph. Even Pros make mistakes.

This is Kevin Hearn taking a look at our BARENAKEDFAMILY card.  He is so cool and talked to us for awhile.  Still no tickets at this time.

Kevin with the kids.

Breaking in the new shirts with the first autograph of the night.  The girl to the side was another fan that we hung out with and talked to for awhile.

Here is the picture we told her we would put up on the web for her.  After this Greg had to go and move the car so we wouldn't get towed - during this time the BARENAKEDFAMILY scored big.

We 'got tickets'. The envelope they were in read "BNL Family". How cool is that!!!

Ed Robertson with the kids while Austin is realizing the new hairdo that he must try.  Mo-Hawk, oh yes, Mo-Hawk.  Ed asked "So how does being Pro-Fan pay?" Priceless.


Ed signing the kids shirts.  These guys are so cool, they have taken the time to hang out with the kids at all the shows that we have met them.  Ed Robertson and Steven Page gave the kids their artists badges off their necks at one show, sung about them in the middle of a concert during another show, and have signed their breasts - on their shirts.  The band and staff really came through for us at this show and we appreciate them all so much.

The highlighted area is where we sat.  Twelve rows back from the stage.  Best tickets we have ever 'received'!

This is where we were sitting. Obviously this is a picture from our minds because we'd never think of sneaking a camera into a show...

We also got to hang out with Andrew Govatsos for awhile.  He is the Reprise Record guy for New England, which is the record label the Barenaked Ladies is on.  He is really cool and dug the family garb.  He also offered to hook us up with some shows of other artists he has.  We called him Andrew the Diva because he thought we wouldn't want our picture with him.

Joe is not a diva, but a way cool ass guy from Austin where we lived for many years.  We had spent some time talking to him in Seattle after one of their other concerts and also visited with him out front for this concert.  He had been on tour with Avril Lavigne for a year and Kesley was thrilled to hear this. She is a huge Avril Lavigne fan so she gave him a BARENAKEDFAMILY card to give to Avril.  Joe promised he would - Avril? Before the show we saw the Barenaked Ladies backstage doing meet and greets so we headed over to say thanks. We were stopped by the security guard and told you need a backstage pass and told us to leave.  Joe saw us, grabbed us, told the guard "let these guys in" and pulled us in.  Then we were thrown right in front of the entire band all together and they reached out and grabbed our hands to shake and talk with us!  Steve Page reached out to Jenn and said "Hi, I'm Steven Page". Jenn responded with a very awestruck and cutesy "I know who you are". We also had our picture taken with the entire band by a photographer who is sending those pictures to us!  What a cool night, no one will ever know!  Thanks Joe!

February 03, 2004 ~ we got our pictures from Leo Gozbekian and just scanned them for posting here. Thanks millions, Leo and BNL!

We got home so late and the gate was shut so we had to break out the key to the gate and let ourselves in.  The show was kick ass and we heard all of their new music which was incredible!  It was such a great night and we are forever grateful for the band for coming through and making it so awesome.  The new stuff is great and we headed out to the record store the very next day and bought the CD.  It's ALL we've listened to since. Every bit of their new CD seems to be talking to us specifically. Isn't this what true artists do? They rock. They inspire. They kinda look funny. They have surprised both Greg's parents that they're not naked women playing heavy acid punk rap funk metal.

Thanks to Jim Creegan for listening to Sunny cry and doing good things for the BARENAKEDFAMILY. Thanks to Ed Robertson for also listening to the kids, talking with their parents, and making all of our night so much fun. Thanks to Kevin Hearn for 'delivery', true inspiration, and perseverance. Thanks to Tyler Stewart for always playing with the kids and taking the time to share his appreciation with the fans (and his dumb jokes). Thanks to Steven Page for being Steven Page and dancing. Thanks to the Lord for making the evening extra special and filling in for Tyler during his pee break. Thanks to Andrew for being a Barenaked Ladies fan and helping to get these guys the recognition they deserve. Thanks to Joe for being the coolest guy and getting the BARENAKEDFAMILY in some new places. Thanks to Leo the photographer for hooking us up with the coolest pictures. Thanks to Shannon for appreciating "How profound such Pro-Fan'ity can be".


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