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Boston, Massachusetts

We headed to Boston, the Barenaked Ladies second home, with our good friend Jacob who came to see us from New Jersey.  The Barenakedfamily had not been in Boston so this was really exciting - especially since Jacob brought the family truckster equipped with all the disco tunes that we would need!

A view of Boston from the city of Lynn North of Boston.

Jacob's pimpin' truckster.

All the towns around the Northeast are so old. Boston was established four years after Salem.  It is also a wicked retahded place.

After a very creepy drive through the parking garage and coming so close to scraping the roof all the way up, we found a great deal on parking, about $7, considering all the other parking was $20.

This is looking down at the bottom of the parking garage stairs, you can see Jacob, Kesley, Sunny, and Austin on the floor at the bottom.  The parking attendant told us not to drive the truck higher than the first floor due to the low clearances, but we had no choice after there was no parking on the that floor.

We had some lunch at Faneuil Hall in downtown.  Sunny had the camera most of the day. She took many pictures including her genuine Northeast clam chowder bowl.

One of our free alley tours that we took through the city on our way to the typical tourist places.

On the other side of the alley there are old cobblestone streets leading to 'The Freedom Trail' which takes you to lots of historic places.  There are many old churches and graveyards. We saw the burial sites of Samuel Adams and John Hancock.

We walked through this very crowded market that reminded us of Pike Market in Seattle. We miss Seattle.

After we made our way through the market on the Freedom Trail we had to navigate what is called 'the big dig'. Apparently this is one of those infinite tunnel/highway projects.

Under the bridge on the Freedom Trail was this path that took us under all the construction as we walked by street performers.

We made it!

 An interesting free street sign as we walked down the street.

We stopped by Paul Revere's house and took a look around the gardens for free. There was an admission price to tour the house but we had more fun re-enacting " The British are coming!" numerous times out in the front. We also noticed that you can view the home through the windows on the street. It also helped to peak in around the admission window.

Sunny acting like she didn't take part in the Paul Revere thing we pulled off down the street.

These girls saw us walking down the street and asked us to pose for a picture for their college assignment. Something about taking pictures with families. We think they just want to be a BARENAKEDFAMILY too. We initiated them using our severe hazing methods.

In this alleyway. They may still be here. If you go to Boston, find this alley and look for them.

We stopped for this free dance party going on and watched this group sing and dance.  They were awesome but we never really figured out what was going on.  There was not a lot of advertising or announcements about the event but it seemed to have some sort of purpose because there was a lot of people there.

Essence. By Axe.

After the mysterious dance party we stopped in for some coffee with Uncle Ralph.  No one ever really knows what Uncle Ralph is talking about but he was into it. Good to see you Uncle Ralph. And meet you.

All the statues in Boston come equipped with a pigeon on every head for free.  The kids thought this freaking hilarious.

The Old Meeting Hall where they did something with the British, according to Austin.

Jacob needed reassurance, so we gave him this card.  We love him too!

Jacob, Jenn, and Greg chillin on the bench after a day of free walking tours through Boston.

The kids got their second wind and tore up the free playground while we hung out. Essence. By Axe.

This was a happening free part of Boston. It was filled with people, shops, and old buildings.  We took our time walking through here and watched all the people moving around for free. There were some interesting people here.

Here's one.

Boston is a cool place and can be way expensive visiting inside historic places or pretty cheap if you peak through the windows and use your barenaked imagination. It is still a cool place to visit and you can learn a lot by just walking the streets like we did.  We were more excited that our friend Jacob came to visit us and we had most of our fun with him!  Thanks Jacob, we love ya!


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