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Cape Ann Experience

Cape Ann is in Massachusetts just north of Salem that's north of Boston. Cape Ann is where the towns of Gloucester and Rockport are - Gloucester is famous for being the oldest seaport in America and also for the reason BARENAKEDFAMILY went - the movie 'The Perfect Storm'.

This is the fisherman's memorial that is surrounded by names of all the fishermen that have been lost at sea from Gloucester since the early 1600's.

Here's 1991 and the names that were lost as depicted in the movie 'The Perfect Storm'.

This is a blue truck in front of a white building.

Lady Grace was the actual boat used in the making of 'The Perfect Storm'. Right under the name 'Lady Grace' is where 'Andrea Gail' was painted over.  

Some data on a sign near the boat for all ye old boat lovers.

On deck.  Jenn's dad loves this picture, he's a fisherman in Texas.  

Harbormaster. Or perhaps you can read it?  You also see this building in the movie 'The Perfect Storm'.

Cool pic, right?

Crow's Nest is the bar depicted in the movie. The filmmakers actually built a duplicate bar on the pier they filmed on. We later learned from the DVD that they had built a pool and replica of the Andrea Gail in a Hollywood studio for most of the filming and special effects.

Rockport is just North and East of Gloucester.

Rockport is very beautiful and we ate lunch here.  Small fish sandwiches, big prices.

How's the water?

We watched this guy 'lobstering' - he was pulling up the buoys that they color code to identify their traps.

Hey Sunny, nice scenery! Oh, and look at that boat in the background too!

Kesley! Those rocks won't float! Don't do it!!!

Greg and Jenn were having a great day.

Rockport Jetty is perfect for afternoon naps.

We returned for the fisherman's memorial service at the fisherman's memorial in Gloucester.

Lots of fishing boats showed up and hung around for the memorial.

There were lots of families and friends of fishermen lost at sea. These paddles had the names of boats lost at sea.

After the service, people were invited to the edge to throw flowers into the sea in remembrance of those lost.

The Mayor of Gloucester (John Bell) is holding a drawing that Austin had made inspired by the movie. Austin gave him the drawing and was told that they would put it on the bulletin board at the City Hall. That's a Massachusetts State Senator (Bruce E. Tarr) standing to the left of the Mayor and the arm at the left of the picture is a Gloucester City Councilor (Joseph A. Ciolino). Next month we're going to learn how to actually 'frame' pictures for photographs.

And Austin shaking the Senators hand.  Socializing is thought to be a problem for homeschoolers right?  When's the last time you shook your state senators hand?  Much less one from out of state.  In our case another one.

Cape Pond Ice is very popular in Gloucester for their part in the movie. We couldn't figure it out until we watched it again. Turns out the place isn't in the movie but an actor (Bugsy) wears a Cape Pond Ice shirt which is apparently a big seller here.

This is Greg freaking out at a restaurant we stumbled into. Kes is just being a camera hog.

This is why Greg freaked - we just wanted fish n' chips but were too stupid to just leave.


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