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Halloween in Salem, Mass.

Salem, Mass has got to be the undisputed Halloween Capitol of the World. It is hard to find accommodations anytime during the month of October. We got lucky so we stayed.

I suppose if Haddonfield, Ill. actually existed it would be the Halloween capitol.

This pimp interviewed us for Salem Public Access during the Halloween parade.

Michael killed Austin just after this picture was taken.

These guys were awesome. We stood next to them during the parade and the guy kept trying to jack the face painters sign to use as a tripod. The face painter wouldn't let him have it and he was genuinely shocked that she wouldn't let him use it to take steady pictures of the parade! A scene that we won't soon forget. His wife is seen here arguing that he just needs to borrow the sign for a steady shot - 'He needs the sign! HE JUST NEEDS THE SIGN!'

The police are as friendly as they look.

Miss USA. The ultimate costume!

Bates School. Superheroes, cows, and cuddly creatures? Where's the psychos!

Isn't the human supposed to ride the dragon?

Salem is all about the witches.

And ferries in fall outfits.

First set of costumes for the children's' parade. Dead schoolgirls and their assailant.

Turns out the children's parade was some marketing gimmick. The kids were very disappointed they weren't paraded down the main street and instead walked once around this courtyard behind a shop.  What the crap was that all about?










Costume set #2 pictures were not taken. We were Family Pimpin' for the Pickering Wharf trick or treat thing. This is touching up our hair color that was not just for Halloween as many asked.

This is Henry and Jinx with the kids at Roosevelt's on Derby St. You have to go to Roosevelt's if you're in Salem. This place rocks. Say hi to Henry and Jinx for us. Jinx might kiss you.

Jess is one of Henry's daughters that we got to spend some time with. She is way cool and beautiful. Jess gave us a behind the scenes tour of Roosevelt's and has experienced the super-natural within the building. Jess made us feel at home being there and we love her and can't wait to see her again. Don't park near Jess.

This is Brianna the best! We met her at Roosevelt's and fell in love with her. Hey Bri - wanna go with us?

Activities pre-Oct 31st were above. We did two parades, trick or treated on the Friday night before, did a bazaar, and actually missed quite a bit because you can't do it all. Just about anytime you go into Salem in October it's packed. Come Halloween - they close off most of the streets and the masses converge.

And die.

We have way too many pictures of costumes in Salem. You should see the video.

Delvis, aka Balloon Boy, is our street performing friend we first met at the Bazaar. He's a really good musician - creative and entertaining. Hope to see him again soon.

Sunny was a Diva witch and Kesley started Halloween as Wednesday Adams.

This guy tripped on the curb.

Still a witch Diva and Wednesday. With this critter...

We went t or t'ing through a Salem neighborhood.

And got back to the freaks ASAP.

OZZY!!! Or Shakespeare?!?

Best looking satan we've seen. Really in character. Tried to buy our souls.

Austin would have nothing to do with this costume. Eyes were buggy balloons - inflating and deflating. Really cool costume.

Freddy vs. Jason. The movie was much better.

Bag Lady on the cell. 'hello, can you send me some more bags, I need some more bags. Thank you.'

Some people will have nothing to do with Halloween.

And you have to respect those that don't dress up just for this day. They let it all hang out every day.

Lovely isn't it?

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora arrived as Jen and Barbara Bush. 

BARENAKEDFAMILY did the Halloween movie marathons on the days previous. Austin had a great act yelling in a British like accent - "Michael Myers is here! In this town! 16 people are murdered! Who Next? If you don't find Michael Myers in four hours, I will!"

And then he was murdered.

This was Michael's next victim.

And this guy could hardly walk with this thing on wheels.

Still Sunny Diva Witch.

Making a statement.

Any ideas?

Any ideas?

Anyone care?

Sunny Diva Witch and Wednesday Adams....


Kesley actually said she was "Wednesday Adams... ON CRACK!" to a woman who replied - you shouldn't know what crack is at your age! Perhaps the woman believes she should find out when she's out of the house at a party?!? Strange world we live in.

This scene began a wonderful night of BARENAKEDFAMILY frightening passers-by.

Kesley scared the shat out of this guy.

With this gig. Kes dressed in Austin's cape and hat and draped herself over and around the garbage blending in. Jenn was nearby and would cough when unsuspecting victims would come by. Kes would jump up and scream then return to her position. This would freak about half the people that were looking this way. The best were when the guys would freak.

Notice Jenn bending near the garbage? Kes is right in there. The crowd gathered as they clued into what we were doing and would clap and cheer when kes got someone. One lady began hitting her with her jacket. Another got angry. Most would just scare and laugh. One guy gave her a $5 bill and commended her on the best act he'd seen this night.

BARENAKEDFAMILY also used the graveyard one evening to scare tourists. All three kids would hide behind walls, trees, or gravestones and jump out and scream at tourists. This worked very well. One of the best was a candlelit group was on a haunted tour and walking the wall of the witch's memorial. During a dramatic moment from the narrator, all three kids jumped from behind the wall screaming and scared the mess out of the entire group (about 20?). If only we could get paid to do this!

Go to Salem on Halloween. Scare some people. Let go of your agreements to be 'normal'. Have fun with your kids and teach them everything about everything. Enjoy this world that is here for us and do what you want to do! Do what you know is right for you! 

We love you.


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