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Navajo Reservation - Four Corners - Four days without hookups!

BARENAKEDFAMILY traveled from San Diego to Flagstaff through the Navajo Indian Reservation towards Durango. We ended up staying on the Navajo reservation much longer than expected because of its awesome people, intriguing lifestyle, beautiful scenery, and Hollywood.

The kids earned yet another Jr. Ranger badge from the Historic Hubble Trading Post from the coolest looking ranger yet.

And then Timon peed on the Hogan (Ho - ghan).

And Jenn conversed for hours with this native about living at Canyon de Chelly. She knows elders that have never left the reservation! We're talking 80-90+ years old. We learned about life in the canyon and on a reservation.

And Sunny was thrilled to pick up trash.

So thrilled that Austin had to figure out what he was missing out on...

Greg and Jenn were more mesmerized with the scenery than the trash.

Austin thinks he saw some paper down there.

But decided to leave it alone.

People actually live in this canyon. The trees were introduced in the early 1900s and took over. Now it's hard for the locals to raise crops down there because the trees suck up all the water.

The original locals carved their homes into the cavern walls.

This is Spider Rock and we were told by a tourist that he read it is the world's tallest spire thingy at 700 feet from its base.

Look at all those Jr. Ranger badges! We think there's more but we lose a lot of stuff.

But we haven't lost the kids in those stupid hats yet.

Woo Hoo! Jr Ranger badge number fifty frickin trillion. These things are NOT easy to earn.

Denny did some way cool art on rocks. Since it's not a smart idea to travel with rocks in an RV, we bought these pictures from him.

We also bought some rockin' jewelry from the people above and below.

They were selling their art right from the canyon overlooks. This woman spoke only broken English.

These girls 'starred' in Austin's amateur movie (if you know what we mean).

Christine was really cool. She was making Hogan (Ho - Ghan) models. Hogans were being lived in all around and in the Canyon.

Hogan (HOE - GONE, not Ho ghen, Ho - Ghan, like 'that woman left').

Helen was making the jewelry in her truck.

Roger (left) invited us to slaughter a lamb and eat it in his Hogan (Ho-ghan). Kesley and Jenn don't care to know what's in a hamburger - thanks but no thanks Roger.

We're soooo glad we don't have to kill lambs to eat!

We hired this guy to hug the children - they need love.

Actually he guided us into the Canyon (the white people aren't allowed in alone). Greg told him the VW would do fine wherever 4wd is required (as it is in the Canyon). Our guide was the only one willing to buy this story. We got stuck within the first 100 yards of going into the canyon. The sand is really deep and Greg knew he should let the air out of the tires before going, but didn't. Once we did and popped the clutch about 500 times we were able to unstick ourselves.

To see lots of these. Did you know 'Petroglyphs' are carved into the rock and 'Pictographs' are painted. Neither did we.

That's a 300 ft tall VW in front of a 700 ft cliff.

Them there are some luxury condos.

We got more video than we know what to do with. Wanna buy some?

That's a, um, rock... with a, uh, tree... and, um, a hole... with some, um, sand... next to a, uhhh, cliff...

Where's the Wal-Mart? I need an Icee...

Hey cowboy - think you could run to the Wal-Mart and get me an Icee? No way pilgrim. I'm an Indian and don't really ride horses much anymore. If you can reach the petroglyphs, they're more recent. The ancient ones are about 50-70 ft up on the wall where the canyon floor used to be.

There's some more trees, and dirt, and rock, and cliff, and a couple of cars (one is 4wd and didn't get stuck or feel like a really white idiot), and some trails, and grass, and oh yeah, a huge ass cliff.

Did you see those rocks? Trees? Water? Dirt? Cliffs? Moon?

Hey! It's that crazy huggin' native dude again... Thanks for the tour 'T'.

And this is the Hollywood part - We're coming out of our campground and saw this group of vans with a bunch of Hollywood movie making trucks. The trucks turn around and we figure the stars are in the vans. So we follow them. For like 38 miles ONE WAY! Turns out it was a bunch of punk kids with a church group. Sure hope those little puds enjoyed their drive...

BARENAKEDFAMILY went back to find the movie trucks - another 38 miles back. In an old VW. Anybody recognize that blond critter in the white shirt? The guy. Come on, think. If you were on June '03 pix you're not allowed to guess.

Yep, it's the guy from Starsky and Hutch! No wait, the dude from Dukes of Hazzard! Nope. it's uh...

We're in Chinle, AZ. Farmington's like 200 miles or something! Those movie guys can do anything. Computer Special Effects? I think not.

What's that smell?

Ahhhh!! Ricky Schroder! Silver Spoons? Some cop show that we never would've seen cause we're not into cop shows. Rick Schroder! Jenn freaked. She's a little close in this pic don't ya think? Awww, what a beautiful family. But it's NOT the BARENAKEDFAMILY without the essence of Gregdom. Greg used to have blonde hair back in the 70s...

Rick actually looked at us and asked if we were from Chinle?!? Have you ever been to Chinle? BARENAKEDFAMILY stands out as NOT locals really bad. Maybe he had a long day...

Rick was there making a movie about some Native guy loving some chick and someone else was in the hospital and the guy from Seinfeld and Jurassic Park that got eaten out of the Jeep was supposed to show up and Faith Hill's husband, uh, what's his name - Tim McGraw and other people we didn't recognize. Anyway, we really wanted to see Tim's tour bus but we didn't. This is a scene being shot from the movie where they kept yelling at us to keep quiet but didn't kick us off the set. The movie will be called Black Cloud?

As bad as we wanted to stay in Chinle with the dirt and Hollywood and no hookups, we decided to keep moving and ended up in the four corners again.

Four Corners is where, well... don't be a dumb ass.

It's where jackass is filmed! Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville. Welcome to jackass!


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