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Paradise Cafe, Prescott Arizona

We surprised Debbie and Miguel when we came to Prescott in Oct '02.  We had not seen them since the poop tour earlier in the year and they were working hard to finish the restaurant and open up, so we decided to help them.  There is a lot of work that goes into something like this and we spent the next month working hard! 

They were creating a place for people to come, hang, and eat their delicious food.  They have opened places before cooking and working  for people when they used to live in Hawaii, so they are pretty good at this.

Miguel hanging up the tropical decor around the cafe.  There was a process to hanging these leaves, they had to be dried and then coated with a flame retardant chemical to keep them form blowing up the whole town.  He also scored these for free from a landscaper.

Greg and Austin wired the stereo system through the cafe.  They sent Austin into the crawlspace above the cafe to run wires so that loyal patrons can jam to some great tropical music while eating.  Austin was glad that he could do it and still brags about how he was the only that could fit.

The girls playing around and posing for the camera.  They can actually work when they want to.

Here are the chefs' Debbie and Miguel, you remember them from the poop tour and salsa making.

Greg and Jenn taking some time out from the slave driving.  We still had tons of work to go and were glad that this was going to be a small place.

We all had to help clean the chairs they bought from another restaurant and they were dirty!  There was ketchup and all kinds of food stuck in the crevices of these chairs that had to be cleaned and sterilized for use in the Cafe.  And there were about a million chairs to clean.

Miguel showing Austin how to clean the chairs to make sure all the junk was cleaned out.  Austin soon was not interested in cleaning them anymore.

Sunny is working hard on the chairs because if she didn't Debbie and Miguel would banish her from Paradise Cafe forever.

All the kids took part in the two day cleaning process of cleaning these chairs.  Soon we started to hate these things and thought about setting them on fire.

The new seat covers that Debbie had been sewing for the chairs.  She ordered the material from Hawaii to ensure the right theme they wanted.  She also used the material for the curtains and some extras around the Cafe.  It is pretty cool to be able to do something like that and save tons of money.  She made these chairs look fabulous!  So did the billion hours of hard work we spent getting them clean.

Miguel and Austin are assembling the chairs with the new seat covers.  Miguel always makes home schooling fun and lets the kids be totally hands on.

Greg and Miguel having a moment with the chairs.

And here they are!  The chairs from hell, but they look nice and are comfortable.

Miguel and Cory hanging up the new sign out front!  We were all excited to see this thing go up and were later invited to a barn dance at Cory's place.  Ever been to a barn dance in Arizona?  Don't eat the meat.

Greg hung the coconut on the pole there.  One of his proudest moments.  The coconut is even from Hawaii.

Jenn in the front of the cafe after a hard day's work.  We were allowed just a minutes for a break or they would 'break' us if you know what I mean.

After all the hard work that has gone into the Cafe, Miguel was excited to cook his first meal in the kitchen for some friends before opening.  This is always worth sticking around for.

One of their friends, Amy browses the menu while we wait for our meal.  We did not order off the menu this night, Miguel had a special meal already planned for us.

Jenn, Miguel, and Debbie in front of the cafe after the yummy dinner Miguel made for all of us.  Pretty soon other's are going to be able to eat their delicious food too.  But till then it is just for a few of us, a few good beers, and some good times.

We are all enjoying the first meal that Miguel made in the Cafe.  We are happy to be the first ones to eat on the chairs, tables, and tablecloths that we all put together.  There was still a lot of work to do, but tonight we were eating and not working!

Pat having his serving or two!  That is just how good the cooking is, you love it so much you eat it right out of the pan.

Debbie's dad is putting up some trim around the sink.  Everyone came together and offered whatever they could do.  The whole place really came together with this kind of work and was something to see at the end.

Debbie and her mom in front of a thing that holds the dishes.  

We didn't get a picture of the fish that Debbie bought for the place, but his name is Buffet, as in Jimmy Buffet.  The kids gave him this name thinking it was appropriate for Paradise Café.  His home was an old school retro blender that sat on top of this thing.  We even made him a little sign with his name on it.


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