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Paradise Cafe pictures part II

Paradise first potential law suit -- Austin launched himself off the 8 foot wall and did not land on his feet.

Now it is time to get all the inspector people in as we are getting closer to open the Cafe.  The kids learned about what needs to be done to get everything just right and get ready for opening day.

The sanitary guy comes in to install the dishwashing chemical dispensers.  Restaurants have to have three sinks for washing dishes ~ one for washing and the water has to be hot, one for rinsing, and one for sanitizing.  This guy installed dispensers that automatically dispenses the correct amount of soap and fluid for the sinks.  

Starting to look like opening day!  These are some of the curtains that match the chairs Debbie handmade.  She also picked out all the decor that was hung throughout the place.  All the extra decorations for the counter were added as we are getting ready to open.

The girls are soooo helpful getting all the ingredients we ordered for the kitchen stocked and ready to use.  You have to plan for what you are going to cook and make sure you have everything you need.

Testing the menu is the best part of helping!  Notice the handmade tablecloths Debbie made.

Karaoke night...This was the second big night that Debbie and Miguel cooked for us and some other friends.  We are getting close to opening and putting in some extra work to make sure everything is ready.

Terry and Mary helped with the taste test.  We did notice that the glass on the tables kept sliding off and learned that the glass company should have done something to it during the making to prevent that.  We had to get them back out to take care of it.

Everyone enjoying some home cooked meals after a months of hard work.  The kids worked really hard on this project and learned so much about the work that goes into something like this.  They also learned all about food safety and handling that is required to keep people safe.

We left Prescott in early Dec '02 this time to ehad to Texas for the holidays. The cafe was going to open in early Nov but opened the week after we left (coincidence?).  We sure love and miss Debbie and Miguel. Thanks for letting us be a part of your life and inspiring us in all the ways that you do!


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