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Port Aransas, TX

We spent some more time on the island with Jenn's parents getting ready for Thanksgiving and Adam's wedding.  We used to always come down here when we lived in San Antonio and Austin and vacation here.  This is a cool place on the beach and has some really great people here.

This is Jenn's dad when he was younger going through the Panama Canal.  He has always had a thing for boats and being on the water.

When we were there we found some of these old pictures of us and the kids so GREG thought it would be nice to put them up.  This is when we were pregnant with Kesley and that's Austin at age two and a half.

Kesley when she was born holding onto Austin.

Us together after she was born.

Jenn's dad and our dear friend Skip who has passed away.  Skip was one of the best people we have ever met and him and Danny have been best friends forever.  We really miss him.

Jenn's uncle David and Aunt Linda who are the best!  They are the best thing that ever happened to a young confused teenager.

Jenn's uncle Abel and Aunt Dee.  Till this day he still scares the crap out of Jenn.

Hey - Ya takin' the wrong tone with me, man. Next time ya do it, I'll stab ya in da face with a soldering iron. -Christopher Walken, Joe Dirt

Ahhh Jenns' uncle Ern!  He is a very unique uncle and is also just a few years older than Jenn.  They grew up together and fought more like a brother and sister than an uncle and niece, but he has always provided a very cool relationship with her.  She loves him very much.

On the island you can rent these little things for the day and cruise around.  Sounds cool, but the locals hate them.

If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot 'em? -DuBose wall sign

Souvenir shops are everywhere and usually have some gimmick to attract the tourists. 

Look at the VW bus Kerri!

Little Joe's barbeque is the best and they are great friends also!

These guys have been around forever and look like they are from New England more than Texas.

Look at the VW bug Kerri!  And a new place for Randy to get the baby's name tattooed on him!

Skid-O-Can, come take a crap!

Look at the Coast Guard Station Kerri!  Randy could work here and you can be mom's daughter for while!

This is where Jenn's brother Adam works!

Jenn's dad checks on the boats here often.

This is one of the local shrimping boats here on the island.

These are the Texas ferries that take a few cars at a time across the mainland to the island.  They have about four or five of them and try to keep traffic moving.

While we were here Greg found a new passion, sewing.  Jenn's mom taught him how to load and operate the sewing machine and he hemmed his own pants for the wedding, made a camera bag for Jenn, and even fixed Jenn's little sister's stuffed animal.

We had fun visiting with everyone in Port Aransas, but had to leave quickly before Jenn's mom found out that she really did drive the car on the beach.  Sorry, but I didn't know!


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