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RV Re-Striping

The RV was built in 1992 and the vinyl stripes were cracked and faded. Winnebago also chose to use many different colors including gold, green, mauve, violet, and forest green. You can also see the cursive Elante' from any side.

Below are some 'before' pictures that also includes a VW 'before' pic...

Here's the picture that was doctored beginning 'the vision'.

And we started ripping the stripes off with a drill and rubber eraser.

We're going to miss Elante' -- Winnebago no longer sells the stripe kit for this model...

Stripping the stripes began seeming relatively simple. The first stripes were coming off pretty easy. Turns out we started at the easiest part -- the part that wasn't as sun damaged. You can see from this hood shot above and sides below, not all the stripe came off although the paint did in some places.

Finally ready to start putting the stripes back on.

Turned out to be simpler to spray paint the front and back stripes on due to the curves.

This job started in May '02 and was completed in Nov '02. I'll re stripe your RV for one hundred billion dollars.

Update December 2003 - we added some graphics to the RV ~ check it out here.


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