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Going Away Party, Campland San Diego

Well we have been in Campland for four months now and it is time for us to leave!  It will be really hard for us to go because we have made so many great friends and have really enjoyed this campground.  San Diego is a great place and the beach is so nice here.  So we decided to have a party before we left and we invited the whole campground and they showed up!  

                             Alex, Holly, and Katie

These are the prizes for the limbo, disco, and Simon says contests!


Sunny and her friend Mia.  This is Coco's daughter, the guy who looks just like Greg.

                      Austin with Coki, Mia's brother.

                      I think you all know John-John.  If you don't, you will.

                                  Oliver, what a cute kid!

All the boys from Campland, Mitch and Max Nodland weren't there but we sure missed them.

All the girls from Campland.  We had so much fun playing with these kids, we will miss all of them very much.

Jennie. This kids got some talent.  She will keep you laughing for days!

The kids lining up to be in the limbo contest.  This was fun watching all these kids limbo, they can get pretty creative.

Phillip holding his prize for the limbo contest.  Our kids handmade all the prizes we gave out for all the contests with their name and website on the bottoms.  Austin and Phillip became great friends while we were here.  He is one of the best kids we have ever met.

We had drinks, candy, chips, piņata, and cake.  At one point someone started a cake fight and it got pretty dirty.  

                                  Lee got it in the face too!

I don't know what was in Chrissy's cake but I think she liked it!  Amanda is trying to act like she doesn't know Chrissy.

                  This is Coco, Greg's Latin twin. Grrrrrr!

The kids shaking their stuff to James Brown for the disco contest.

                             Even the parents got into it!

           Sunny and Sarah getting down!

Chelsea, Chrissy, Billy, Tracy, Cheryl, and Lacy are the winners from the disco contest.

                 Alex and Katie, these girls are a lot of fun!

                                  Chelsea and Chrissy.

      Steve, Kyle, and Mike - the hottest recreation leaders ever!

Billy and Tracy became good friends after the chromie scandal in April. Their daughter Cheryl kicked Jenn's butt at tetherball also!  

Karen and Jennie are great friends. We will miss them and Grandma!

Lacy leading the Simon says contest. The kids were all anxious to win and it made it a pretty long Simon says contest.  Chelsea's brother Steve won the contest!

Dylan and Derek, these twins are really cute! They have recently started full timing with their parents Dan and Stephanie.

Ginny and Don are wonderful people!

Well here we are pulling out of the park, it was really hard.  We were already missing everybody.

When we left Campland we headed across the Mojave desert towards Arizona.  We pulled over to collect some sand for Jenn's mom.  

It was so hot in the desert, about 120 degrees!  Greg stuck the thermometer in the ground and the temperature was 125 degrees in the ground, 120 in the air.  Not quite like San Diego!

We left California and the RV was really hot and running pretty rough, so we made it to Flagstaff Arizona where Greg is replacing spark plug wires, spark plugs, cap and rotor, and exhaust manifold gaskets.  The desert is not really fun going through in that kind of heat and the RV does not like it either!


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