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Adam's Wedding

Adam is Jenn's younger, bigger brother. He was married to Sarah in November 2003 and Greg was honored to be his best man. Since Greg screwed up the toast that he forgot about, here are a few words that have been thought of since...

I met Adam when he was seven years old - Sunny's age now. When he was eight, Kesley's age, I knew him pretty well as a rowdy child with a high voice, creative, dramatic, and very annoying in his loving way. I never spent more than a weekend with him before he was 12 years old (just one year older than Austin is now). However, I found myself very excited when he came to spend a year living with us and our babies at this age. Adam was pretty set in his ways and knew what he wanted, but didn't know shit. "I know". I know you know. "I know you know I know" - a conversation we had more than once and is now repeated almost daily with my 11 year old son, Austin. Adam's Grandmother Rose was an elegant woman who dressed as glamorous as a Princess everyday - so how is it that one of her same dresses made Adam look like a clown the day he skipped out of something and showed up on our crack alley street corner in full makeup waving to passers by? The look on his face when Jenn and I drove up let us know that he loved us like siblings, respected us as guardians, and feared us like parents. I wanted to beat him senseless for disobeying rules, for disrespecting his grandmothers dress, for making his sister worry as a mother would her own child. I think back to this day now, as many others Adam created just like it, and heartache for the fleeting moment he was just a child. I look at Adam now with great love and respect as he has grown into the man he is. He does know now. He knows he loves Sarah. He knows how important family is. He has once again created the kind of joy in me that only a child can create - he has me looking to my children for inspiration, for they too will be mature soon enough. He reminds me that I will always have to let go so that my kids can grow up. That I must behave like a child now while my kids are still kids. Adam, here's to the wisdom in being yourself. Cheers.

Jake is Jenn's other younger brother.  He is a cool guy and is Austin's uncle.

Uncle Jake, Aunt Sydney (Jenn's younger sister), Austin, Kesley, Sunny at the church where the wedding was.

Hunni is Jenn and Adam's grandmother here pinning the flowers on their mom.

Some friends from Port Aransas!

Sarah and her dad walking down the aisle, she really looked lovely.

After the wedding they headed out to the front of the church to Austin's favourite part of the wedding he calls the after party!

Mom thrilled that someone else gets Adam!

They looked so great together!

We all had to get to know each other at the wedding because a lot of Sarah's family lives in Minnesota.

Our grandparents Hunni and Papa.

This is the best picture of Sarah taken at the wedding.  I really am grateful for her to be with my brother and love him the way she does.

Greg's mom Mitty, Adam, and Sarah.

Perry, Mitty, Adam, Sarah, and some of Sarah's family.

We had a wonderful singer that sang some beautiful songs for the wedding.

Jenn, Adam, Sarah, and Greg.

Sarah's best friend, Sarah, and her sister.

Mom, Adam, Sarah, and the 52 hundred guy known as our dad.  Is that a 32' Bertram in the back?

(The) Adam's family.

These are all the parents.  Ours are on the left and Sarah's are on the right.  Her mom and step dad are closer to her and her real dad and his spouse are next to them.  They were very nice and we got to spend some time talking and getting to know them.  Some of her family has already signed the guest book!  They did a great job of setting up the reception and making it look nice.

Dad, Greg, Adam, Sarah, her sister, and her best friend were all the ones in the wedding.

Mom, Sarah, and Sarah's mom.

Click it or ticket!

We are very happy for Adam and Sarah!  They are both wonderful people who we are happy to be a part of and wish them the best in their new marriage!


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