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Arizona Oct '02

After leaving Malibu lifestyle, we thought we were heading to Issaquah again, instead went to Prescott, AZ to help Miguel and Debbie open Paradise Cafe.  At this point we still had some finances left and were really trying to come up with something for work.  We were also working at getting barenakedfamily.com off the ground.

Greg also finished his year long stripping project.

We showed up at the cafe and spent a few weeks helping them get it ready for opening.  We enjoyed spending a lot of time with Debbie and Miguel, we really needed some Family time.

We took the kids to Young's Farm where they had some Halloween activities for the kids.  Prescott is really cool in the fall and we were glad to be here again.

What do you see Kes?

We met Debbie and Miguel at the cafe to go trick or treating down Mt Vernon, a Victorian neighborhood with awesome houses that give out the good stuff. 

Halloween nigh with Count Miguel on Mt Vernon street in Prescott.  The lines at each house were about 15 minutes long to get a treat, so we took off to the regular houses where we could hit a bunch of them quickly.

Then we dropped the kids off at the YMCA for some Halloween event. 

They quickly stripped out of their costumes and went crazy in the gym.

We took a day trip to Grand Canyon Caverns in a rental car. Getting there allowed us a brief ride on Historic Route 66.

This is a familiar site in any place along Route 66.  It's great and you can haul butt.

We stopped to visit Grand Canyon Caverns.  It is one of only 3% of dry caverns in the world. It was designated as a fallout shelter during the cold war and the provisions remain.

Grand Canyon Caverns are nowhere near the Grand Canyon but got it's name because the water that helped form it drained out in or near Grand Canyon.  Or something like that.

Along Route 66, this old school hamburger joint still remains after 50 years.  It is a famous restaurant that's been featured on the Travel channel and National Geographic and run by the same Family the whole time. The yard is filled with all sorts of things like toilets and artwork and you are personally greeted by the father and son that run it.

They are full of fun and often pull jokes like squirting fake mustard on you, taking the doorknobs off the doors, giving you a small when you order a small.  They do this in the name of fun and Family and made this work for over fifty years on an old part of Route 66.  They have the same ideas we have about working together as a Family, so if they could do it out here surly we can do it too.

We headed back to Prescott and spent some time working on one of our latest ideas for work, some sort of RV tour business.  With all the experience we have from traveling and RVing we thought about putting this talents to work.  After meeting so many people from other countries on the road we thought it would be great to find a job as an RV wagon master or something. We started to research job openings in this field and were kind of excited about it.  After talking with a few companies that offered tour we found out the tours were geared towards older people without kids.  Not us. So we thought about all the Families that we had met that come to America with their kids, rented an RV, toured around with little knowledge about what they were seeing, and were often clueless on how RV's worked.  We thought it would be cool to have a separate RV, take other Families on tour, take care of all the RV setup and teardown, and be our own RV tour company.  After researching RV tour businesses we put some logistics down and thought about how cool that could be.  So while in Arizona we started looking at other RV's and thinking about making this happen.


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