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Austin to Shasta

September was soooo full of great experiences that we had to make several pages to cover all the inspirations! September was planned to start and end in our journey from Austin to Shasta though we could never have planned the journey September became.

Our first September pic of the FreeRangeFamily when they came to see us as they headed out on a month long journey around the country.  They are living in Houston working temp jobs in order to save up some traveling money and hit the road a little at a time.  The FreeRangeFamily is so incredible in the way they have taken back their life.  We look to them for inspiration all the time.  Don't know if they realize just how much they kept us going in what was a lack of inspiration in our lives.  They stayed next to us in 'Mobile Manor' for a night and we went out for some good ol' Texas food before having to say goodbye.  Not for long because we would be seeing them in a few weeks in Las Vegas to film the ABC Nightline piece about barenakedfamily.  See the Families Rock sticker on their bumper, yeah they are that cool!

Meanwhile Austin had the sexiest 14th birthday ever!

Then we packed up the kids and headed to Mt. Shasta to visit Brye, Salem, Justis, Elijah, and Faith at the ass crack of dawn.  This time we flew and left the RV so that we could travel back to Texas with the UnpluggedFamily.com to surprise Isaac for his birthday.  That's right, five kids, two big dogs, four adults, and one RV!

The flight was a nice way to clear our heads and look at the possibilities from above.

The kids dug the free peanuts and fancy drinks.

Must be Southern California ~ feel the smog.

We landed in San Diego and caught another flight to Sacramento in which we flew over the Nodlands beach cottage.  We could actually see their place where we had stayed for a few months back in '04. Campland is another of our favs.

Then over the L.A. area. A great place to visit.

And we finally arrived in Sacramento with the McBee's!  WooHoo!

In true barenaked style, we had a bit of rock show in the suburban as we made our way to Mt. Shasta.

With Uncle Nate's groovy sunglasses.

It's weird being in a rest area without an RV.  Usually we are shacking up for the night in these things on our way somewhere in the RV.  Kids still dig it either way.  After all, it's like their backyard.

And a common crapping ground instead of carrying it around in RV tanks... or God forbid, the Suburban.

The kids were so glad to see each other, they didn't take their hands off for the whole ride.  This was the first time that we were spending quality time with them since meeting them a year ago.  We all had wanted to be together for some time and here we are!

When we arrived we celebrated Austin's birthday with this awesome cake that Salem custom made for Austin.

  Looks good don't it?  All the dedication and hard work, huh?  The detail in the artwork, huh?  Yeah, well the dog got to it first and ate the whole thing before we ever got a bite.  What a bitch (female dog), well maybe...

Then Austin got the best gift of all ~ RV the movie which we watch often and quote more often.  Well, actually the best gift came when Brye, Salem, Elijah, and Faith sang the Gornicke's rendition of Never Ending Love full on with guitars, tambourines, and of course a never ending supply of Unplugged love!  That was truly the best birthday experience ever!  We literally rolled on the ground during their whole performance, it don't get better than that!

And Uncle Nate just hung out looking all sexy on the living room floor.

So Jenn got in on the action.

Uncle Nate lives there with the McBees and is a quiet artsy guy.  During our time there, he did a music camp with the kids and taught them how to play some instruments.  He even hooked Austin up teaching him the intro to Guns n Roses Sweet Child O' Mine.  Hey guys, some idiot is in the backyard playing a guitar!  Oh my God, it's your brother!

Brye and Salem took us to the headwaters of the Sacramento river which is where the snow melt comes down from the mountains and pops out into the light here.  The locals come and fill all their drinking water bottles here, so we filled up with the freshest water ever.  Mt. Shasta has some claims on their drinking water that can't be beat.  It is so good and cold.

Two A-Hole Families in the Scotch Pine Babes.

Brye and Salem took us to visit their son Justis' grave.  Justis was an incredible soul that touched so many people in his short life and we were honored to be here.  He has transformed the McBee Family into strong, tight, bonded people that have such love and strength that most of us could only wish we have.  We believe that Justis is responsible for bringing our two Families together and we are forever grateful for every bit of him.  Thank you Justis for all that you are.

We are having the best time and feeling so relaxed with the McBees.  They drove us all over their town and took us to all of their favorite spots.  They have good taste and treated us to a real old style mom and pop burger joint in McCloud.  We are just loving being around these guys.

We were off to see some more falls, feeling like we hadn't been able to feel in a long time.  We were being reminded of the beauty that is around us all the time, if we choose to see it and be a part of it.

We choose.

Look at the beauty!

Of Family.

Of friends.

Of memories.

Of nature.

This set of falls was so high above the water that it really looks small in the picture.  It gives you incredible perspective from this angle.  This time here with the McBees has been so sacred, giving us time to relax, be clear, and be loved in a way we have never been before.  We were just feeling awesome and closer together and never wanted to leave this  place.

At the same waterfall looking the other way was a great view at the tree top levels with some impressive Northwest kinda trees.  We realized just how much we missed being in the Northwest.  Seattle in '02 was the last time that we were around this kind of beauty and we were feeling kinda homesick.  Scotch Pine Babes?

The plan was to stay in Mt. Shasta for a week and then spend a week on the road doing the ABC Nightline film project and getting to Austin for Isaac's birthday.  We had such an amazing week with the McBees none of us really wanted to leave.  Even as they packed the RV, Greg and I just hung out in the hammock thinking of the inspiration that we were provided during this week in Mt. Shasta.  We came back to life during our time in Shasta ~ back out of the ground after being filtered.  We remembered what we liked and feel in love with about life.  The idea of being simple.  The reasons we traded everything we owned.  To pursue the reality of creating the life you want.  Our last two years have seemed like evaporation, rain clouds, and frozen snow ~ a struggle with the outside world that we forgot to focus on our inside.

As we melted, we accomplished getting back to barenaked.


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