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Boating & Fishing Shasta

Brye and Salem took us out on their boat on Lake Siskiyou, a lake where you can only troll around slowly.  What a great way to take in the beauty of this place.

As kids have this unique ability to Let Go, Kesley demonstrates by jumping into the lake which looks way too cold for a trained and conditioned mind.  Can you see Mt. Shasta melting in the background?

Mt Shasta glaciers melt during the summer feeding this lake... so this is melted ice water.

Clark Griswold behind the wheel.  Isn't he so cute in his hat?

We are just feeling soooooo completely relaxed and let go.  It has been so long since we have really felt this great.  On this lake we realized just how much we miss the Northwest part of our life.  For so many reasons, we have somehow let this part of our joy go.  It made Jenn cry, just thinking about how much she misses this.  It feels like waking up again.

And what a great bedroom Mt. Shasta is.

Two a-holes driving a boat.  They are such a hot couple.

We docked the boat and Brye led us onto the land for some freaky rope swing they swear is fun.  Yeahhh...I want to send the kids twenty feet in the air on a rope to fall into the water...You can't really tell from this picture just how steep the land is which makes it hard to walk around trying to get the rope swing.  So we made Brye go first and show us how to do it.

Austin is about thirty feet in the air free falling into the water.  He loved it and was so proud of himself so he did it over and over again.

Then we boated over to another swimming hole where the kids continued to jump into shallow water.  Maybe internet dating Families isn't such a great idea...

Especially when they insist that you wear their bathing suits over your clothes.  But you have to admit, we look sexy as hell for two homeschooling mama's. 

Here we go.

Guess someone should watch the kids as they walk on water.

Nothing like Coors Light and a hot man.  Yum.

Brye has been waiting for so long to go fly fishing with Greg, Austin, and Elijah in a special fishing hole that he goes to so they packed up the young ones and headed off into the sunset.  Oh, and that's Brye's cool 57 Chevy truck he drives around.

Elijah and Brye.  Also known as Billy Whiteshoes and Clark.

Austin and Greg had not been fly fishing before so Brye taught them the ways of the wild.

Greg caught the only fish that day. Zen.

Unka Nate showing off his legs of steel. That water was soooo painfully cold.

The secret about fly fishing.

That there's a Rainbow Trout. Weak stomach warning... This fish had fishing line coming out its bunghole. Nate grabbed and pulled, Greg felt the insides moving near the head, through the body, as a fish hook came out the backside. Before you feel sorry for the fish...

Nate taught Austin how to gut the thing...

Caught by Dad, gutted by Son, taught by Unka Nate.

how you like me now!


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