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Britney is one of Sunny's favorites. She got her latest CD ~ 'In The Zone' ~ for her b-day and we've all actually grown to like it.

Since tickets x5 is like millions of $$$'s, we just stalk. This day was for Sunny ~ but we all enjoyed it.

Loads of equipment.

And fans.

This guy was decked out in all the Britney gear. Listening to her on his portable radio and sporting the vintage Brit shirt. He had it all.

These guys were on the wrong side of the back stage. Hang with the BareNakeds and you'll get to know how to spot Rock Stars.

These guys were a little brighter and on the right side of the backstage entrance. We got to hang with them for a few hours.

TX ~ Love it or leave it.

That's a load of buses. Six there, three more up front early in the game.

We were told Britneys bus was the blue one.

So we went around and stalked the blue one.

But this one was much newer and nicer.

And this one we really liked because it was ready for our graphics.

This one was not in the same group, but closer to the backstage entrance. We believe it belonged to one of the two opening acts. We also guessed those are some of the Rock Stars that were in it. Can't remember the name of one of the bands.

The other opening band was, um, jeez the name evades me. Can't remember. Must research.

This is the first rock star we met this day. It's Skye Sweetnam's drummer. He hung out and talked with us for a while. Turns out this is their first really big show. This was Britneys first night on this tour, and these guys had not yet met her ~ they just scored the tour.

This is the keyboard dude ~ Vince(?). He was really cool too. Hung out with us for a while and told us about where they're from and what kind of music Skye is about and that he's been in several bands before Skye. He was pumped to be on this size of a tour.

These buses started pulling in late in the day. We'd been hangin in the parking lot for some five hours or so at this point. We were pretty sure it was Britneys buses.

Confirmed. That big guy on the left in the light jacket is Britneys body gaurd.

This guy told us so and if a bald guy with sideburns tells you, don't argue. Chris was really cool and hung out with us during some of his downtime. He helps out on Britneys crew to some capacity that we can't remember ~ but he was able to load us with some of the backstage talk. Good stuff. Enjoyed his company. He also signed the day~tripper which is always a bonus for us.

So when the activity starts up around the buses we get excited. Gonna see Brit. Gonna see Brit. Gonna see Brit.

Or Skye. That's cool. She's cool. And coming our way!

Another Rock Star Whisked away. We're pros though.

But wait, more activity at Brits bus. Gonna see Brit. Gonna see Brit. Gonna see Brit.

Hey ~ There she is!!!!! Look closely!!! Just to the left of this picture coming out of that bus ~ she's in plain view ~ Just to the left of the guy in the white shirt. Click, click, click, click, click.

There she is! We got the shot! That's her walking with her bodygaurd. Whoo hoo! Success!

And we only waited like seven hours to get this shot of her blondeness! The memory will last forever and ever. It sure was nice seeing you Brit. It was really exciting and an experience we will never ever forget. Sunny was thrilled and giddy. We'll always remember this wonderful experience.

But we were even luckier to meet Skye. She's like fifteen and rocks big time. Check out her website at www.SkyeSweetnam.com ~ a real up and comer from Canada and if you know anything about the BareNakedFamily you know we dig Canada.

Another autographed Rock Star glossy to the BNF ~ we're one of the luckiest families in the world. It's good to be BareNaked.

'Cause we know her, who met her later, who then got a picture with her, that we have a picture of her signed by her that actually got to sit next to her. The energy is just amazing!


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