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California Desert

For those of you (much like us) that have never been to California ~ you may think of California as surfers and Ocean, but we never realized the majority of it is desert. Very dry. Very hot. Very not dense in population. Population is all condensed on the coastline with much fewer living in the mountains and valleys of eastern California. So we decided to get away and go to the desert just east of San Diego.

We met with Tara and the Weed family in the Target parking lot. We weren't sure if the horn on the rental car worked so we grabbed the emergency brake to let 'em know we arrived ~ see the marks? They were as loud as they are long.

The drive to the desert was really cool. This is where Colton puked.

We arrived at Anza-Borrego state park visitors center and took some pix.

And scavenged for lunch.

Tara's laughing because she ate some cactus looking flower.

And Colton was trying not to puke again. Bad trip.

But we were sure we wouldn't get lost in the desert with no water.

These things were pretty juicy. Turns out they were everywhere ~ and we suppose the color comes from all the flowers they just devoured before we got there. So we got to see these and very few of the desert blossoming that we were promised this time of year.

The kids were still hungry after eating the cactus flowers so they scavenged the worms.

Best dressed in the desert.

When the cars mysteriously broke down, we had to walk to what looked like a water source.

Not easy. But we did have a few dogs to eat if necessary.

And some kids. You know, whoever dies first gets eaten first. Before they rot and all. Gotta survive, right?

Looks like Austin's going first.

Jeeps! Quick kids, get your thumbs out there ~ we need a ride.

Since we couldn't all fit in the Jeeps, they told us where the water was. Good timing, the cactus flowers were wearing off.

Except for Colton. We think it's a bodyweight thing.


Then the indians came to scalp us.

And this is the last thing we all saw.

Or maybe this was.


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