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Campland Party!

'member Campland on the Bay? We came back ~ but ended up house sitting. The RV's still parked there so we go to party and hang with our friends. Sunny's b-day was celebrated here...

Sunny ~ center of attention, where she belongs.

We organized a jumping contest. We don't advise doing this again. Kids jumping over a stick is probably fodder for personal injury attorneys.

Looks fun though, huh?





hamina hamina hamina

Philip won.

Sheryl chillin. Or is it Cheryl? Or maybe Sherrill? Or Share-ill? Cher ~ LLL?

Sunny's ok now. Took a while to recover from this.

Michelle wanted a better pic up than last year, she gets what she wants.

Where's your left hand Karen?

Cher-Ill and Mare-eeee

Chelsea ah bop ah loo wah Shelle.

So what you do is get in a circle with some music playin and pretend you can break dance. Austin still tends to fall ~ a lot.

Kesley is our rocker.

See how closely she's watchin chell ~ she's learning well.

I know I'm not perfect but I'm so close it scares me. - Chrissy rules.

And she scares Jon Jon, and he tries to scare back.

We're telling you, Kes has got it.

She got it from these hotties.

Maybe Katy. BNL

Whose b-day is this anyway. Autty, Chelsea, and Gramma had enough.

Cute but kind of scary.

Chelsea got a fat lip. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.

Pinata ~ turns out some people don't know about these things. Basically you string a shape made of paper in a tree and hit it with a stick.

It's on a rope so you pull it away from the hittee.

And when it breaks you run in for the candy. It's best to wait until the hitter is done.

And the strong survive.

Cake time is good times. 

Two cakes, gone quick.

Micah may not've known he was being watched swingin these around.



Not staring anymore.

Cake with side effects.

Serious side effects.

Jon Jon still can't control the side effects.

Should've had this stuff for the break dancing.

BB rules. Kudos to the sweetest kid we know.


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