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Chicago July 2003

Welcome to Chicago! BARENAKEDFAMILY has not yet been here and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We stayed in Portage, Indiana on the south shore of Lake Michigan and drove in one day and rode the train on another day. Driving took a little over an hour and the train took almost two. There's really no 'close' RV parks to stay which is typical of larger cities.

On Navy Pier which is a popular tourist spot.



more buildings

building with cars

hotel that LIES! This hotel LIES! Do not trust this hotel - they lie. (liars) Hotel Monaco lies.


Hotel Monaco's bell boy lied to us! We asked whose tour buses (yes two of these out front) and he lied to us! He told us they were just 'normal' people. Yes, 'normal' people that park TWO tour buses in downtown Chicago in Taxi lanes. Perhaps he did not know that the BARENAKEDFAMILY knows the difference between a Winnebago and a tour bus. We were stalking for Justin and Christina who were in town - could it be?

Wasn't. We stalked long enough to see a guy clad in black with many tattoos come in and out of the bus so we talked to him. He was Alice Coopers bass player! Just some 'normal' people staying at the Hotel with tour buses parked out front. Friggin' liar.

sears tower - tallest in the world? They claim it and want a bazillion dollars for a family to go to the observation deck.

So Sunny 'hugged' the Sears tower instead.

Then we drove by Wrigley Field. They play soccer or some crap here...never really been into sports.

A few days later we rode the train in with our new Gilley friends.

That there is a Sunny Pearl on the South Shore.

And these are some more buildings!  We are doing it again.

no more pictures or video of buildings, promise. We won't if you won't. Crown Plaza - where Oprah's guests stay.

This guy was as good as he looks.  He acutally thought Greg jacked him out of a dollar for a photo.  Guess he didn't realize that we tipped him.  He gave Greg a look and shook his head.

If you've never heard of American Girl Place we suggest you catch up and have some high tea.  We rocked the scene up in the American Girl place.

You simply get a doll for $80 some odd bucks and outfit her and yourself alike.

There's a spa, salon, hospital, cafe, and some really fru-fru bathrooms for the guys. You should see the video...

Fortunately this guy was nowhere near the American Girl place but on the shoreline with his pants down. We are talking full nudity.  Kind of hard not to laugh as you walk past a naked stranger, or take a picture.  The boats were some good spying too.

And this one spot of inspiration started a night we'll never forget.

Fifty cents each and we were good till our 12:45am train ride home!

Pearl Gilley.

Ladies and Gentlemen - John Gilley!

And his crew.

Hmm. Where's the funhouse?

Come to the funhouse!

John and Austin had a great time walking through the very crowded streets of Chicago with their funny teeth and shorts pulled up as high as they could.  They were all over the people of Chicago as they invited themselves to sit with ladies, eavesdrop on private conversations, and dance in the streets.  People were laughing, some were mad, some were like 'what the hell is going on', and some were following us.

Sneak peek of Austin at his finest!

Are these guys for real? Most tried not to look but you just have to!

Check out the lady behind John. Like her, most wouldn't look until they passed.

After stalking these ladies for awhile they decided to pose for a picture with us.  

The kids have perfected their falls for video in front of people and actually have people that will pick them up and ask if they are okay!  The kids are in charge of setting up their stunts and they help direct the shots and types of falls they are going to do.  They pull it off complete with the dramatic moment of not getting up right away and hobbling off.  

After the fireworks we found Weird Al Yankovic and went backstage to enjoy the show.

He invited us right in to photograph him up close.

When the kids were falling in the Stained Glass Museum we received a dose of inspiration from a 'smart' lady - "They're making those videos to sell on the internet". So we showed those videos to some strangers and they loved 'em! We've produced a pretty good one from Chicago's Navy Pier - lots of fun!


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