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Dick's Last Resort - Dallas, TX

Dick's Last Resort gets it. They have developed their business the way they want to. They have definitely shed agreements on what it means to run a biz! We found great inspiration from this place and made many good friends this evening! And the food was Zaaaang!

BareNakedFamily date night.  This picture of Dallas kicks!

We were very excited to share our evening in Dallas with the kids and show them some Texas style fun!  Jenn used to live here with her family when she was sixteen and deemed crazy by her family.  Another juicy little tidbit, Greg worked at Dicks in San Antonio for one night, no comment.

In the bathroom they shed more than agreements and that made it an interesting visit to the ladies room with two small girls!  Not bad really!  Kesley took these pictures and many more that we had to erase.

The staff at Dicks messes with the crowd and handed out these handmade hats to the customers.  They seemed to like Kesley and gave her the best hat.

Everyone else had to wear what they were given!

This lady started complaining when she walked in, so they didn't take it easy on her.  Her hat is shaped like a penis and says 'looking for some out of town action'.

The band heard that Kesley is a huge White Stripes fan and invited her up on stage when they did a song by them!  She rocked it loud and proud!

These guys were awesome and they rocked out all night long!  We really enjoyed their show.

The girls had a thing for the drummer. ALL the girls...

This guy called Austin a little shit when he stepped on his foot and tried to ignore it!  They shared an interesting night together!

This is our server Andy who was cool and didn't put up with the kids crap!

We got to make hats for the band like the ones that were made for us earlier.  We took this time to share with the people of Dallas a little bit of New England slang, Ben Stiller humour,  and some Austin Powers movie trivia.


'I lost my genitalia in an unfortunate schmelting accident'.

'Wicked retahted', Boston style.

'I can milk anything with nipples'.

The band showing off their new hats.

Rocking out in their new hats.

Finding a moment in their new hats.

Looking at the BareNaked girls in their hats.

Jenn got a big 'rat' tied around her wrist again.  You have to be able to communicate with your kids pretty good in order to enjoy a night here!  Some people choose not to talk to their kids about things like this and try to shelter them from things they ought to know.  We talk to our kids about everything and answer their questions so nights like this are no big deal for us!  People should realize that things like this are no big deal either and give kids credit for being  smart enough to know this.

The kids blowing up 'balloons' with the staff.

The drummer let Austin get up and jam out on his drums for awhile.  Musicians can give so much to people.

Jenn's 'rat' flew away.  Her parents didn't talk to her about the important things in life and choose to let her figure things out on her own like so many parents do.  We are telling you ~ you got to talk to your kids and answer their questions.  They need to know what's going on in the world from YOU, not from strangers, not from the playgrounds ~ And while your at it teach them to tie knots too.

We sure enjoyed our night at Dick's and hope that people will understand the importance of having fun together.  We love being able to share our party time and explain things with our kids.  Too many people don't give kids enough credit for being smart enough to understand their world.  They can handle it, it's usually the adults that can't.

You can't see the world through a mirror. -Avril Lavigne


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