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Valentine Fuzion!

In Austin we threw another Fuzion! and we took it to the next level!  This time we had sponsorship and donations and let me tell you it's a wonderful thing!  We thought if we could get some help from corporations and local businesses we could really do so much more for the families.  So we thought about what we would need help with and got the kids involved with learning about getting sponsorships and donations.  Austin handwrote a list of donations that would help BareNakedFamily with the cost of a Fuzion! and brought it into the local Sam's Wholesale club and asked to speak with Teresa, the Marketing Supervisor.  When she came down she was thrilled to see a fresh and happy approach to getting donations.  After explaining who we are and what we do, Austin handed her the list he made that showed the items that would help us out a great deal.  The list showed the four cases of soda, broken down to the cost per can that it would cost Sam's to donate, and if they could also throw in the bubble wrap that we use on the dance floor that would be great!  This was our first attempt to get outside help with our cause and we had no idea the most appropriate way to go about it, but we pulled it off!  Teresa was excited about finding any way to help BareNakedFamily with Fuzions!  and told us she could provide everything on our list and would even throw in extras! Then she said they could even come out and set up a booth and represent Sam's onsite!  We were so excited to be partnered up with such a big corporation!

Linda is an awesome friend that went to whatever extreme she could to help us with our Fuzions! ~ decorations, promotions, and sponsorships.  She got a friend of hers that is at a local Pizza Hut to donate six large pizzas to the Fuzion!  She also totally manned the front door and encouraged people to contribute to the cause and made great signs for the party.  There is not enough words to express our love and appreciation for her.  We love her and actually hired her as part of our road crew.  She is da bomb.  Did I mention she did all this while studying for the Bar Exam?  Man, we love Linda!

Here are the sodas that Sam's Wholesale Club donated to the Fuzion!  They also threw in four cases of water, ice chests, candy, and even went out to get ice!  You know you've arrived when this kind of help rolls in!  Austin did a great job detailing what we needed and presenting it to the right people.  And people ask " how do your kids socialize?"  Very well, we say.  You try to get the nerve to walk into a huge place and talk the talk.

Pizza Hut sponsored pizzas!

Our great friend Bridget Taylor from Mix 94.7 came out with her cool fam to party with us!  She brought some great party things from Mix 94.7 for the kids to play with.  Bridget is another one of those friends that went all out for the BareNakedFamily while we were in Austin.  She promoted us like crazy on the radio and generated tons of interest with the listeners of Austin!  We are forever thankful for her help and her friendship with her and her family.  We really miss her.  Thanks to Mix 94.7!

Westin and Walker are Bridget and Kevin's kiddos and have obsessions with little Chihuahua dogs. 

Some Mix 94.7 goodies that Bridget brought!

Teresa and Terri from Sam's Wholesale Club that brought all the sodas and bubble wrap to the party.  They were a lot of fun and hung out with us all night!  We were so glad to have them!

We were at the very cool Zilker Clubhouse and had a great view of downtown Austin and the river!

The kids getting the dance floor ready for the Famous bubble wrap dance that we are about to get down on.  The bubble wrap also donated by Sam's Wholesale Club!

We had an old friend from our life at Dell Computers come by with his kids.  Dell Computers considered donating to the Fuzion! but they were done with their donations for the quarter or fiscal year or something like that, but we did get an autographed picture of our old pal Michael Dell himself.

This time we were able to add some extra things to the Fuzion! because of the help provided by our sponsors.  So we had Glow sticks and Glow jewelry available for the kids and parents to have while hanging out or dancing on the dance floor.  We dimmed the lights for the bubble wrap dance and everybody had Glow stuff and turned it into a funky rave thing!  It was so cool!

The kids loved this stuff and could not get enough!  This is Jeff's daughter and her friend Borrowed.

Getting ready for the bubble wrap dance, this is always fun to hold out for a few minutes before letting everyone out on the bubble wrap!

Then we let them out while jamming out to Good Charlotte!

It is good to see adults letting go.  Sometimes we can't figure out if we are doing this just to give them an excuse to let the kid they are inside come out.

Jeff's other daughter really letting go!  Can you tell that we suck remembering names yet?

Kids rock!  They just get out there and shake it like a Polaroid Pic-chahh! 

Kesley all Glowed out!

Bella is Linda and Matt's daughter and they joined us for their second Fuzion!

Some of our cool friends hanging out.  Notice that it is kids and adults hanging out together.  This is always such a taboo thing for some people.  Not for us.  Not for these guys.

Milton and April, some friends from Pecan Grove RV Park.  Milton is a great friend that wrote a cool article about BareNakedFamily in the Creative Pulse of Austin.  He is a very unique person and we are better people for knowing him. April is a wonderful wife and friend.  She understands people and can get on the kids level and hang with them.  Not everybody can do that easily.

Some of partiers trying to organize a photo shoot.

This family is an RVing traveling family that heard about our Fuzion! while they were in New Orleans and decided to come!  We got to talk to them and tour their RV in the parking lot.  They were cool to hang out with and we hope to hook up with them again!

This Fuzion! was an even bigger success than the last one and we learned so much about sponsorship and donations!  This helps make these Fuzions! possible for everyone and helps us bring new ideas to each one.  We are thankful for all the people that showed up and drove across the country to come, you guys get what we are trying to do and your kids will remember this night when their parents danced with them and leeettt goooooo!  If you have any ideas about sponsorship or donations or even if you want to donate even a dollar to our cause please email us - Hey (at) BareNakedFamily dot com - we need help and we are not afraid to go after it, this is so important to what family can be.

Thanks to Kinko's for all the advertising help.  Thanks to Sam's Wholesale Club, Teresa and Terri for coming out and exceeding our expectations with your donations.  Thanks to Pizza Hut for the hot fresh pizzas.  Thanks to Bridget Taylor and Mix 94.7 to all the wonderful promotion that we received while we were there!  Thanks to Eric and Dan from Fox 7 News for giving BareNakedFamily national media coverage and getting our word out there!  Thanks to Matt and Linda, the best road crew the BareNakedFamily could ask for!


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