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Fox 7 News ~ Austin, TX

Whoo-hoo! We're being featured on Fox7 News in Austin, TX! We're actually building this page around 7pm Sunday Feb 8, 2004 and they are going to do a story on us later tonight on the 9pm News. We're pumped about this and hope that families throughout Austin will find us and come to our Fuzion! on Sunday to learn more about us and party like tribal families should!

We were in contact with Fox 7 earlier this week and they setup an appointment to meet with us at the RV on Sunday. Had to clean, darn.

After cleaning, we waited patiently for the news team to arrive.

Figured we'd practice some 'Cribs' style tour in case they wanted to check out our livin' La Vida Loca...

Clean, huh?

Depends on who you ask. Daisy prefers to stir things up ~ check for snakes before laying down which can really mess with the place.  'You talkin' to me all wrong Greg, next time I'm gonna stab you in da face with a soldering iron!' (from Joe Dirt, Daisy actually loves Greg)

Austin is going to be a rock star so he warmed up his drumsticks.

We even cleaned our car out!

Then the news truck showed up around 2pm.

Dan is the camera guy ~ ALL the girls are into Dan ~ they really think he's a hotty. Dan's from New Mexico and been in Austin a few years.

Big camera for a little home.

The girls were also into Erik Barajas ~ he's the news guy that did the story. Erik's very cool. Dan told us that he and Erik are the 'free spirits' and that they were very excited to do this story.

Greg and Erik got to know each other a little...

Before getting closer. Greg's actually getting wired up with the mic. It's ok kids...

Dan listens to the wireless mic through the headphones and has a large viewfinder on their new digital video camera. They did a really high tech white balance thing to tune the camera to the lighting and colors ~ they hold a blank piece of paper next to the focal point and one time Erik pulled his brown shirt out of the way to white balance on his T-shirt. These guys are pros!

Dan is using his expertise here to balance the camera on the counter for Jenn's interview.

Still wondering if the girls interview will make it on the air. They stumbled and babbled quite a bit ~ some tricky editing may get some good stuff out of them.

Apparently they liked us cause they brought the remote 'Live' truck back for the five o'clock plug for the nine o'clock broadcast.

This thing is cool. They send the antennae up like 50-60 feet in the air on this telescoping pole and the dish remotely seeks out the connection miles away on Mt. Bonnel. We thought this was a satellite truck but it is actually an antennae that has to 'see' its receiver to work. They were a little concerned with all the trees in the park. 

We learned that this remote truck comes with its own groupies.

Groupies that are pretty bold. They wandered around our home and read all the stickers and inspected it in great detail. When they first arrived one of them approached Jenn to find out what was going on. 

Jenn's always been a rock star and played one well during her conversation with the groupies ~ they're here doing a story on the BareNakedFamily. The groupies acted like they knew who we were and immediately started calling their friends to come out and bring some beer!

Of course the crew was forever professional. Erik got his equipment working, Dan got the 'feed' connected and camera setup, and they did a live shoot for five o'clock news.

Another set of friends! We really got along great with Erik and Dan and hope they will come to our Fuzion! If not, we're keeping in touch and will see them next time we're through Austin.

Jenni Lee introduced Erik on the five o'clock and was beggin' Erik to explain this Bare Naked thing.

No nudity Jenni. He had an awesome explanation about BARENAKEDFAMILY and we got to talk with him more about us.

Austin and Sunny were built for TV.

Then again, we all were!

After 9pm update: The feature was AWESOME!!! They didn't make fun of us or portray us as idiots. Editing's cool. They had shots of us and described us on the bottom of the screen as 'BareNaked Son' or 'BareNaked Mom/Dad'. It was very cool. We started getting day~tripper entries that evening and the next morning started receiving some from around the country that we were on the news?!? We looked up some of the stations and they're not Fox affiliates. Strange. But that's what we wanna be.

If you're in Austin on Feb 15, come check us out and party with your family at the Zilker Clubhouse.


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