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Grand Canyon '06

Back to the beginning of Oct '06, before our Flagstaff crack experience, and after standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona...

This is where we camped... a classic Grand Canyon tourist picture.  All RV rentals by foreigners from around the world.  We may have been the only ones who spoke English in the campground.

...so our parents brought us into the desert on this crazy mission of finding ways to spend more time together, to spend more time with themselves, to be a part of our lives, to know where we are, to know who we are, to show us that we can follow our dreams and our hearts too.  And that we won't ever be alone in doing so.  Anybody know where they are?!?

Dads deserve to have fun too.  Dads deserve to know who their friends are no matter how old they are.  Dads deserve to be loved, encouraged, and believed in to let go.  To join the world of Family again.  Isaac Lehr gets that as a great husband, father, and dear friend.  He embraces it.  He dreams about it everyday.  He makes choices based on all that.  He loves his Family so much that he leaves behind all the conditioning he had, he breaks through painful barriers in his heart and in society to have this moment with his kids, with his friends, and to smile from the inside out.

Others on this trip are remembering why Family is so important.  They once walked this very path with love, understanding, and the true face of God.  His name is Justis.

Families together.  With each other.  With the kids.  With nature.  With the world.  All because we choose to be.  We all come from different backgrounds, educations, experiences, finances, beliefs, and past Family lives.  Previously living 'Their American Dream' ~ or 'Their American Nightmare'  young parents, running frantic, working eighty hours a week, kids lost in the shuffle, moms vacuuming the wrong messes feeling purpose-less, busy, soulless, and misunderstood.  

Now ~ young parents, running from that 'American Dream', working with less for Family, kids in the front, moms loved by the kids and the husband, taking time to enjoy the view... soulful, and understood.  And appreciated.

We as Families found each other through the messed up tangled webs of the world.  Through all the lacquer of the standards of living their 'American Dream'.  Through late nights of desperate online searches to find one glimmer of hope that it doesn't have to be this way.  Through the lost and sleepless nights, totally unhappy thinking Family time has to be so limited.  That Dad has to work so hard at the cost of his Family, that it's unheard of to want to be together full time, retreating to their way of how it is supposed to be done.  Look at us now.  Look at us standing at the top of the world.  Even if means that we don't have it all figured out.  We aren't trying to figure it out, we're just living.  To breathe.  To love.  To be a lot simpler than their 'American Dream'.

And look what's waiting for us. Infinite possibilities that begin with a droplet of water... a small stream... a dream... a meandering steady flow... to carve our path...

To look at a Family now.

to experience the result...

To feel the force of choice...  Happy.  Still together.  Smiling.  More in love than ever before.

Look... really LOOK at our crazy friend Isaac Lehr. Months before we are all kicked in the gut of the reality of our mortal bodies...

Laugh at yourselves! Now.

Learn together. Now.

Sit together. Now.

Stay together. Now.

Be proud of what you achieve. Now.

You are not alone.  Even when you dump the crapper.

Not alone.  In love.  With each other.  All in the name of our 'American Dream'.

See the guys on the far left trapped behind us?  They were trying to get out when we started organizing all the Families for this shot.  Yeaaaahhh...sorry, but when you are trying to set up the most tourist picture ever with this many Families just stay out of the way.  And you know that we are going to make sure we get it right, taking one picture after another.  And did we mention that there are three camera's needed to take this picture? Three shots of the same from a different perspective. Three shots with the same result. Three shots taken from a stranger that has become a part of this Family. Where are you?


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