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Granny's Farm - San Antonio, TX

Also run as a biz under a different name ~ but she's our Granny and you can't have her! Here's the deal. Greg grew up in the house on the right below. His grandmother has been in the house to the left next door for almost 30 years. The one on the right has been rented for maybe 15 years?!? These homes are in a subdivision that Greg's Dad helped build back in the '70s. This part of the subdivision was built on Greg's Grandmother's farm which used to be like 100 acres or something. The original farmhouse is in the woods to the right which has recently been sold and turned into a tennis ranch ~ apparently Andy Roddick has something to do with it ~ we'd love to meet Mandy! Hello Mandy? Are you out there? Suppose Roddick is probably a nice guy, but we're not particularly into tennis so we wouldn't be star struck... Moore on this later.

So here's something strange about Greg's maternal side ~ Mitty is his mom. Ditty is his Grandmother. Honditty is her sister. Duddy is their mother whose real name was Mitty which is Sunny's legal first name (our daughter). And that's partly why P.Famditty.com would've been so cool for us (from FAQs). So Puffy oughta just back it up and be original...

If you haven't noticed, BARENAKEDFAMILY has a thing about porta jons.

This is behind the houses above. In the distance are the homes backyards. This is part of the 10 acres that is left of the original farm. Greg's mom mostly did horseback riding lessons when Greg was living here. Since then it has become ponies, parties (mild), and a petting zoo.

Kesley loves the ass.

And was very good at handling the stubborn ass.

Sunny was happy to stick with the pony. THAT is Mitty III.

Ass rub x3.

There's Andy in the red, maybe. And that's the Moore on this later...

(512) ~ REAL Texans don't realize there are other area codes.

That's Mitty II with Austin I.


Dang. Forgot they do know where the Texas panhandle is. Surely there's a different area code there?!? That's where this windmill is from. Authentic Texas Panhandle Windmill from the great township of Spearman, Texas. Love it or Leave it, baby.

When the ponies get out of hand, they must be corralled, OK? Corral. Ponies, corralled... never mind.

Choo Choo for the bad kids.

d. o. n. k. e. ... can't do it! It's an ass! That ain't bad. It really is an ass! That thing Kesley is riding is called an ass. Jenn is leading an ass. This is a picture of an ass. Greg's mom calls it an ass. It's called an ass. And there's a bitch four pictures down and you're just gonna have to deal! Hey, Mandy knows 'how to deal'...

Yeee-haaaa! With the top rolled down and the sunshine shinin' ~ spend all my time at Hollywood and Vine ~ Ridin' all night cause I sleep all day ~ I can smell a pig from a mile away...

You know what I'm thinkin'...

mmmhhhmmmhhhhhhhmmmmmhhhhh... aaaaaaggggghhhhhh!!!!!

Not going to say what Kesley's riding. Not going to say what Kesley's riding. Not going to say what Kesley's riding...

Four pics down ~ Corgi she, Corgi he, Poodle she, and an ASS!!!!

Tractor rides are free, on this tractor only.

Austin 'adopted' this tractor and won't let you drive it.

This is weird. Mom (Granny/Mitty) says she's going to the Post office ~ the United States Post Office. Did anyone else know you can mail 'chicks' at the United States Post Office?

Yes, chicks. Baby chickens. Mailed from the United States Post Office and delivered to the United States Post Office. We thought it very strange. And smelly.

And as they grow, they stink even more. This was only a couple of weeks!

So if you're in San Antonio and want some good ol' farm fun ~ we encourage you to check out the petting zoo (because she's our Granny and not yours). Good times. Oh yeah. Good times. And an ass (or two).


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