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High End Systems

Our friend Will from the Jon Barry Project invited us for a cool tour of High End Systems!  They design, manufacture, and sell 'World Class Stage Lighting' for bands and concerts.  We are talking super high tech stuff that would blow you away!  Big Willie sensed our Pro'Fanity and decided to share his wisdom and the wisdom of others that is known as 'World Class Stage Lighting' with us.

When we got there Will was there waiting for us.

This is as we were leaving our 'Top Secret' Tour.  We can't tell you anything about what we saw or the process in which they make their stuff.  We will be shot and killed onsite if we are caught giving this information out.  We're not kidding this stuff is under strict security and the only pictures we were allowed to take was at the beginning and the end.  You don't get 'World Class Stage Lighting' status by putting photos of your facility on the internet!  We learned tons of stuff and saw things that were spectacular!  The people at High End were working hard at making the next concert you attend much more enjoyable.  Will gave the kids some cool shirts and gave Greg and Jenn some cool freebies to play with also.   We are grateful to Will for taking the time to show us around and give us the coolest tour we have ever had!  Thanks Will!

High End 'World Class Stage Lighting'.  


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