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5 Hugs for $1

Raising funds and awareness for another barenakedfamily par-tay!. Pecan Street Festival in Austin, TX is an arts and music festival that happened on Sep 25 and 26.

We cruised down there with a little girl and large backpack.

Wild About Music on 6th street helped us out ~ go check 'em out on the web and in their store ~ they're very cool!

We all wore our Dirty Sneakers and hit the streets...

What a bargain! The whole Family was hugging and we even had Bella and Linda with us.

Little tough getting started with Hurricane Ivan remnants dumping some water on us and the crowd.

And the hugging begins!

We hugged for entertainment, dollars, donations, and gave several away for free. Lots of people commented how they really needed a hug. Some looked at us like we were very strange. Most smiled really big whether they stopped for a hug or not. We got to hug a guy that came back from Iraq with a bullet in his mid section. We met lots of great people and hugged many strangers that are no longer strange. Think we'll keep doing this huggin' thing. It feels REALLY great and too many people need it. Spread the love and go hug a stranger. It's good.


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