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Experience Photo Shoot for H-Wood

Once upon a time ~ a long, long time ago. The barenakedfamily auditioned for some Hollywood Reality Shows with three different 'major' networks. Hollywood was intrigued by our unique lifestyle and pursued us. So we gave too much time trying to figure out what could happen.

Part of the process was taking some pics of who we are and where we live...

Another part was a MOUNTAIN of paperwork. Then they get you to H-Wood to test your psyche and background and medical and...

They really put us through the ringer. The biggest part was waiting.

At least we got a paid hotel and meals in Hollywood out of the deal.

Overall though, it was a raw deal, with a good view.

See ~ they want you to wait. Then wait some more. Then jump through hoops. And some of 'em schmooze like crazy. Some of em manipulate. Some of 'em lie. There were some really cool ones out there too. All in all, it was a very tiring process. And they tested OUR psyche and ability to 'handle it'? Perhaps they haven't been watching their reality TV...

And the competition's fierce! We actually saw Angelyne and snapped this shot of her in Malibu back in Oct '02 (we also spotted Def Leppards drummer, Rick Allen moments later also on our Oct '02 page). This woman's like 70 or something! Very hard to tell from this billboard, but not too hard to tell in real life.

BARENAKEDFAMILY is something like 13 years old (born in '91 ~ you do the math). Hard to tell from this photo shoot, but super-hot in real life too!

And this is the reason why...

The reason for everything we do.

As decision makers, we gotta tell you that Hollywood reality is as disappointing as you hear. We were very excited to be part of a reality show thinking it could bring some fame to family.

One of the shows actually wanted to split us up to apparently create conflict. Sucks that sells.

What about good old-fashioned innocence with a way badly touch of super cool.

A little intrigue, excitement, spontaneity, peace.

Hmmm... Thinkin' family can get there.

Thinkin we may need to continue forging our own path for family.

Bring some of the contentment ALL family deserves.

Dropping all the agreements families have made about a 'successful family'.


That's just silly.

But I'm really glad my parents didn't agree to leave me with others most of the time...

They're actually pretty cool ~ think they actually like spending time together.

Thinkin that's what makes us happy.

Not the 'stuff'.

It's all about pursuing our passion.

Realizing that where you spend time is more important than where you spend money.

Yep. That's what it is.


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