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Mystery Restaurant ~ San Diego

Mmmm hmmm. Check it out. We found this great 'new' restaurant in San Diego. Apparently only two were built as 'prototypes'. How quick can you guess what the name of the restaurant is? Without going below...

They have a drive thru.

And an outdoor fireplace that goes through to the inside dining room. Very cool.

As usual, once inside the kids find a seat and the parents go to order. Unless of course there is a server / wait staff ~ Then the kids just have to wait outside or stay home...

The ordering area is in a different room than the dining areas. Then they bring your food out.

This is when we pretend we're on a date. Jenn's doing some important phone biz here.

The restaurants in California are rated ~ Most have an 'A' rating.... come to think of it, we've never seen less than an 'A' rating.

So the hints are getting a little stronger. They do sell burgers on their menu. They're actually most well known for the burgers, but their menu is broader now.

You guessing yet? This is another shot of the indoor/outdoor fireplace.

Less subtle hints coming your way...

Okay, that's almost a dead giveaway. You knowing yet?

Yep. Jack in the Box ~ two prototypes in San Diego called JBX. Pretty cool place. Their Pannini sandwich is awesome! They have sofas and cool lounging chairs. Told they're doing this like a test market thing because they are headquartered here in San Diego. So for all of you out there ~ keep an eye out for these coming your way, assuming they're working well for the execs and stuff. Just thought we'd share a little something unique in San Diego we've recently experienced.


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