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Kes Day '05

Kes day is every year on Feb 6th, do you celebrate it?

We do by choking off her air supply for a day.

Deep intake, cover, deep intake, cover...

Surprise! This year Kes got tennis courts for her b-day.

And lessons from da mastah's papa.

While da mastah bit da mama's butt.

Weed does not appreciate your sick jokes.

So he will pout with da mastah in da corner and try to understand how he created the universe, starting with the little blue ball of his called 'Earth'.

Oh ye of greatness ~ it's just too much (trying to suck some energy out.)

All the energy.

But da mastah has infinite energy. We shall create a little green planet to keep the little blue planet happy.

Then send it thus spaceish with a nice whack from my creatorith rackettoon.

you go there oh little blue ball of funny people that like to fight so much. Pro life and support war ~ how does that work? I must remind you that Gandhi won. As did MLK; Nelson Mandela; and Jesus. All peacefully.

Here come some more planets. (use caution with quantum physics... and an open mind, head, and brain)

Brenon jumped ten feet in the air, flipped backwards, made the shot, and landed on his feet. You should see the video (of him crashing into the tree while snow sledding, funnnn-nnnneeee ~ 2.5M MOV file ~ "that was fun").

Kes is a great tennis player and returned Brenon's shot at 500 mph and broke his leg.

Austin McEnroe. Hit Sunny in the head after a bad shot.

She's recovering.

Doritos on her face and all.

Kes gets whatever she wants on her day.

This year she wanted Dad.

And she gets his full attention all year actually. (kind of a Daddy's girl...).

KIND OF?!?!? whatever...

Another girl that has Greggy wrapped around her finger...

Kes day glamour shots.

Would you like to look like this? That's a girl. Because today we have a special on Deb's glamour shots...

Artistic photos by Weed.

Cake design by Jenn.

Pyrotechnics by Weed. 

Fire extinguished by Monterey County Fire Dept.

b naked

and Colton will create you two little green planets.

gift what gives

and kids will love you for fake chocolate presents...

Amazing what a b naked kid expects for a b-naked-b-day. A little tennis with the Family and one gift of nutella that is shared. What'd your kids expect for their b-day this year?


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