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L.A. Rock Star Family

We headed up to Los Angeles to see a couple of friends of ours, Rebecca Simone and Janet and Jerry Oberholtzer.  Rebecca is a singer/songwriter that we met on the road a few years ago and also where we sleep when we come to Los Angeles.  She is very generous with her home and loves when we invade her.  She was performing in a singer/songwriter showcase and wanted us there to support her.  It was good for us because we were going up to see our friends the Oberholtzers who were flying home to Pennsylvania after their accident in their RV a few weeks ago.


Rebecca was performing at Highland Grounds Cafe.  She was invited by a booking agent who finds acts to book for all the clubs around town.

Look like a familiar Beatles album cover?

We agree.

Rebecca rocked it great!  She performed for about twenty minutes and had the crowd pumped!  The band she was playing with was awesome.  It was really cool to hear her perform live, we have her CD's, but seeing it live made it even better.

After Rebecca's performance, we headed out to our favorite stop when we are in L.A., the Rainbow Room.  We love to stop in here have some food, drinks, and wait for the rock stars to come in.  We have seen many rock stars and celebrities in here ~ David Spade, Quiet Riot, and we've run into Jack Osbourne outside. Food's great and priced right.

A look around the inside.  They are a little blurry, because it is not very rock star like to have flashes going off.  We are professionals.

This time we got the VIP seating that we have wanted every time we have come in.  We got it!  It has the best seats which allow you to casually look around for rock stars without being obvious.  We also get to sit under some of the Osbournes family pictures, they come in here all the time. Notice the BareNakedFamily card on the wall?

More of the Osbournes family pictures.  The whole place is decorated with pictures and instruments from rock stars. 

Van Halen's picture and guitar 'Right Here, Right Now' on the wall.  They have a lot of stuff throughout the restaurant.

Kesley rockin' out, the kids love it here!  They cruise around the place and chat with different bands and people.  They are recognized by the waitresses when we come in.

We hooked up with Matt from a band called Wolfpac and he sat and joined us for a picture at our favorite table.  Turns out they are from Pennsylvania and friends with the kids favorite Pro-Skater Bam Margera.  So the kids talked with him and his band for a while and made sure they got some BareNakedFamily cards to give to Bam when they get back.

After the Rainbow, we went next door to the Roxy and watched a Tejano band with about 15 performers play to a full house. We asked the doorman if we could show the kids 'the world famous Roxy' and he put us through with a line outside! The crowd seemed awed by the family hangin' in the club, good stuff.

After the Roxy, we headed out to some of the other clubs on the Sunset Strip.  We stopped off at this exotic car rental place that has some awesome cars up in there.  The guys were really cool to us and told the kids to hop on anything that they wanted.  Kesley choose the $300K Ferrari.  She also had to take a call on the phone.  All business. 

Sunny saw that it was a quiet place to take care of some business as well.

Austin wants to look like a hottie too.

We left the car rental place and headed to the world famous Whisky a Go Go. This is the place where Van Halen got their start as teenagers some years ago.  Most major Rock bands (Poison, Motley Crue, and many others) all have played at the Whisky when they were starting out.  We weren't sure if the kids were going to be able to get into the club, but when we got there we were hooked up with some free tickets and escorted in ahead of the line outside. Ba-boom.

  This band was playing when we got in there and they rocked!  We were impressed with how intense their music was.  Kesley had the best seat in the house, sittin' right on the stage.

Austin was invited to do the light show for the band and jumped all over that.  The guy taught him how to work the light board and he was on it.  He actually coordinated the lights with the intensity of the music.

This picture doesn't really show all the work Austin was putting into the show, but you can see the stage that all those bands we mentioned got their start on ~ Austin (11 yrs old) doing the lights for one of the most famous stages in the world!


Dustin is the light guy that hooked Austin up.

The next day we were very excited to see Janet and Jerry.  We hadn't seen them in a couple of weeks and this was the last time we would be able to see them here.  They are going to fly back to Pennsylvania this week and we had to see them again before they left.  We took her a West Coast famous 'In n Out' burger and she seemed to like it.

Janet has made an incredible recovery and took us on a stroll through the courtyard.  She has these cool driving gloves that she uses while wheeling herself around.  She looks great! Check out her incredible story at our page for them which will also link you to their family website.

She even let the kids push her around, though we were all a little nervous about that, they did great.  It really made them feel like rock stars that she let them push her ~ she told us when she wasn't comfortable getting pushed down a hill by a kid that watches Bam ~ 'no brakes! no brakes!

On the way back we stopped off to see Greg's other mom, Jeanne, who was on a business trip here in California.  She is an awesome person who we connect with wonderfully.  She is a lot of fun to visit with and share stories with.  This time she took us out for some great Mexican food and introduced us to some of her extended family she was staying with, Frank and Kathy. Frank has a rocket that he took Greg for a ride in. He and Chevy call it a Corvette Z06, but we're thinking it's extraterrestrial ~ it definitely qualifies them for our L.A. Rock Star Family page.


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