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The White House (in Austin) ~ LBJ Library and Museum

While in Austin we visited the LBJ Library and Museum.  They had 'The White House in Miniature' exhibit and we were told that we had to go see it!

Lyndon Baines Johnson was Vice President of the United States when John F. Kennedy was shot. He was a native Texan and his, Lady Bird's (his wife), and family influence runs throughout central Texas. The local Austin Rock station is KLBJ. Get it? We also think (and should know) that John Nance Garner was his Vice President ~ he is the kids great, great, great uncle. We really should know more about him, don't ya think? 

This painting of the White House was beautiful and signed by Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, George and Barbara Bush, and George and Laura Bush.

LBJ's Presidential Limousine.

A moon rock from, well, the moon.

The White House Miniature was exactly like the way the White House is now.  Everything from the art on the walls to the pictures of Barb and Jenna Bush on the President's desk are as it appears today in The White House.

A look into the offices in the West Wing.  The computers are about one inch by one inch and all the papers on the desk are even smaller and have writing on them.  The computers have real working monitors and there are even real working TVs in some of the rooms.

The White House Miniature is about sixty feet  long and shows you all the rooms as you walk by.

This is the private movie theater and it had a real working screen a few inches wide.  There are a lot of recliners and seats.

This is the room where the President entertains and has dances and events.  We are trying to contact him to see if we can rent this out for a Fuzion!

It is a tradition for each president to leave something in the White House. The picture of George Washington on the wall is one the first original things a President added to the White House and it still hangs on the wall today.

This is where the magic happens ~ the boom-boom room that the President and the First Lady sleep in.  Each President gets to decorate it how they like.

Mommy, is that Jenna's bottle down there?

This is where they hold the press conferences and briefings in the West Wing.

Can you see the cameras in the back?

The Oval Office with the Presidents desk and table behind it with family pictures and stuff.

Inside the LBJ Library, behind the kids is the Presidential Library full of millions of documents from LBJ's years of service, we think.

This is a slightly scaled down model of the Oval Office setup during LBJ's time as President.

A view of Austin from the top of the LBJ Library.

If you have a chance to see The White House Miniature in person you got to see it!  It took thirty two years to build and is exactly the same down to the wallpaper and art on the walls!  It was very fun to see how the President lives and plays!  It was also very neat to see all the rooms and learn what they are used for.  We loved learning about The White House and the things that goes on in there. The LBJ library is free and very cool as well. There are lots of displays, a video, and artifacts to learn about LBJ. He did a lot for our country that was over-shadowed by Vietnam. Tough time.


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