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Mix 94.7 Austin, TX

So we're chillin' hot in Austin and were driving down the road one day listening to Bridget Taylor on  Mix 94.7 doing her request day. So Greg calls for some Cindy Lauper ~ girls just wanna have fun ~ and Bridget starts asking why some guy is wanting to play that?!? Greg started splainin why girls run his life and how they just wanna have fun and if they are his life is better and the girls start screaming and Bridget recognizes we're a little off kilter so we tell her she can see us on the web and she's like what's this barenakedfamily thing and we get into all that so she invites us to come into the studios and tell everyone about barenakedfamily on the air!  Of course we are pumped to do this, so we bolted off to the studios!  We used to listen to Bridget back when we lived here and were flattered at the opportunity to come and meet her!

The studios are well hidden and protected by the CIA and Secret Service. When we finally found it, we pulled into the parking lot with the MoHo and headed upstairs to the studio.

As we approached the room where Bridget works, we were cavity searched and she was on air so we had to wait for her to finish with the commercials and stuff before we could go in.

The girls were intrigued by all the buttons and the way the studio works.

Outside the studio right before we got in ~ shhh. tahke mushrooms.

So we came in and she asked us a few questions like what barenakedfamily means and what we do.  We answered questions for awhile and got to promote our barenakedfamily philosophies, our website, and our New Year's Eve party.  We were also able to bring a bunch of our barenakedfamily merchandise and have callers call in to win them!  Callers also called in with comments about how cool it was that we were doing what we are doing.  It really made us feel like rock stars and it was really cool to meet people who believe in us and what we stand for.

That's DJ in the back - he showed us all around the studio, taught us about the workings and many systems, and we got to give him a tour of our MoHo!  After our studio tour we went to dinner with Bridget, DJ, and some friends of Bridget's and got to talk without commercials!

This machine was part of the tour DJ gave us. It edits the audio going out on the air.  It can put delays on phone calls so if somebody says anything bad they have time to edit it.  Fortunately we didn't need it, don't think so at least?!? DJ was cool enough to burn us a CD of our time on air. Came out really good! We think.

Sunny looks good behind the mic!  The kids were having a great time talking to Bridget and were excited to tell everyone about us!  They talked really well and were able to tell everyone a little about themselves.

Thanks to Bridget for inviting us to come and talk with her!  It was great to meet her and get to know her at dinner.  She is a wonderful person and fun to hang with.  She makes you feel really comfortable and is great to listen to in the afternoons.  We also got to give her kids a few barenakedfamily shirts!  DJ was great as well ~ he was very nice to us, informative, and we enjoyed his company.  He also scored a barenakedfamily shirt too!  Thanks to Mix 94.7 for giving us some time to tell Austin about the barenakedfamily!


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