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Martin Luther King Jr. Festival

In Austin we had a booth set up promoting the barenakedfamily at the Martin Luther King Jr. festival.  It seemed to be the right place to get our message across about family and we were thrilled to be supporting his dream as well.  The day started with a 1.5 mile march from the capitol steps to the Huston-Tillotson college campus.  We got there way before the people would arrive to set up our booth and get ready for the expected twenty thousand people.

This is from our booth and it was freezing this morning.  It was very hard to warm up!

The marchers are starting to arrive and there was music and gospel singers singing and praising.  It was a very spiritual feeling and we really were inspired by all the people who believed in his movement.  It makes you think about how we are all connected and how stupid it is to fight, hate, and profile.  Get up and take a stand for humankind and let all the stereotyping and hate go - black, white, brown, Christian, Jewish, Catholic, short, tall, big, and little because in the end we are all ONE.

Marchers arrived for a long time. It was very cool to experience the support and passion that this one man created and still exists.

This is the street the twenty thousand marchers were arriving from.  It was  incredible to stand here and watch these people's passion as they arrived carrying signs and pictures of Martin Luther King Jr.

The gospel singers were singing as the marchers arrived into the festival.

Before the marchers all came to the booth it was quiet and personal.  When they showed up we were overwhelmed with the response and curiosity. There was a huge crowd that headed towards the booth and crowded in to see and hear about what we were doing.  We talked to thousands of people all day for hours and answered lots of questions!  We had some pictures of the other parties we have had and handed out a ton of flyers.

Kesley found this sign and had no idea what it meant but loved carrying it around!  Pretty true though.

We were truly privileged to be a part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Festival and really found peace that day.  If you want to find a little peace in your life ~ think about what this world is for and what it can be.  It is a place where we all live, play, learn, and work together. Where the sun sets and gives you the feeling of the big picture every night, where the ocean is full of life, where people are made by the hands of God and nobody knows how, and at the end of the day we are ultimately responsible to keep it going.  We love that.


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