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MossBrae Falls

Mossbrae Falls is a little hidden place that you have to hike a mile down to get to.  Sounds easy, but the real excitement comes as you have to dodge moving trains with a steep inaccessible hill up one side and a drop off to the water some hundred feet below on the other, with very little walkway around them. Let's take the kids!

The hike starts pretty tame, but the thick brush indicates this is no hike for kids that need a leash.

We would be walking down our path and occasionally hear what we thought might be an oncoming train.  Brye and Kesley feel the track for the vibration, but no train...yet.

There are tons of free blackberries along the way, everything we need.  Jenn brought a huge bucket from the house which she kept in the backpack and everyone helped fill up for some blackberry cobbler later.  There were so many ripe blackberries, we would often stop just to pick them and enjoy the journey towards our perceived destination.  We used to pick blackberries all the time in Seattle and this was a sweet reminder of the times we had during our journey then.

The red ones are not ripe. The black hard ones are nearer to ready. The soft ones that simply pluck off are perfect. Watch out for thorns... and those yellow ones?!? Yellow jackets! Inedible beauty.

The really big yellow ones? Trains.

We got lucky with our first train encounter ~ they were stopped and waiting...

After a nice hello to the engineer... Time was not money to any of us.

We moved on along the side. Moments after this picture the trains brakes released air and the fear ensued.

Are we safe? Will we survive? We're cruising along the side of this stopped train and came to a point where the trail got nice and tight with a fairly steep drop to some rocks and rapids. Our journey's cost. We gathered the troops and started down the trail quickly with the hopes of it opening up before the train started... too late. The whistle blew, the train started, and we were stuck just a few feet from thousands of moving tons. With blackberry hands.

We only lost the women. Here the remaining survivors are rationing the Skittles.  It's amazing what one skittle can do. How far one bag of candy can go.

With 100s of free blackberries!

Brye was chosen to venture off and find the lost women.

Once he rescued them off the rocks on the other side of the rapids, we headed down towards Mossbrae Falls.

When we got down there the land just opened up to these amazing falls!  They fall from about 50 feet but run panoramic for about 150 feet. They come right out of the ground at the top, as in no indication of a river. There are full size trees above them and Austin kept saying it was like something out of Lord of the Rings!  It was the most breathtaking out of all the falls we have seen.

When we arrived at the falls, it was so surreal that it made us wonder where the cafe is? Where's the parking lot? Who built this? Who owns it? Where's the ticket booth? The pumps and filters. The condition that we have encountered that this beauty can't be real.

How do we make more... take less... to be able to give more?

We 'made' a lot in our previous life. Our 'American Dream' to get more... cost our Family. We got our piece of the 'American Dream' back in our corporate days of the '90s. We earned our Prozac, counseling, stress, schedules, plans, and commitments through mission statements, goals, and objectives. We had our business plans to to build and create a Family business that looked something like this... 

Working together. Learning together. Playing together. All created from funding, partnerships, franchising... a place we could call ours. A creation to glorify us. To pay for our luxuries, spaces, vacations, drugs and counseling to cope with it all. We could own this. Manage it. Grow it. Make it better. Their American Dream. Make more. more. more.

And we'll be rich. We'll have all that we ever needed... all that we ever wanted. We'll build our paradise. We'll design, demolish, excavate, build and create our paradise.

We'll have outdoor rooms (behind locked gates). We'll have beautiful pools, hot tubs, slides, and waterfalls (hiding the equipment behind elaborate walls). We'll have giant commercial kitchens (with running water). Enormous bathrooms (with seclusion and privacy). Rooms and doors (with locks). Then we'll own these paradise properties all over the world (with hired staff to maintain them).

We'll pay for Yoga and meditation. We'll be happy. We'll have afforded time to be ourselves.

We'll fill our schedules with activities to stay in shape, while we pay for maintenance to keep our properties...


We can have it all. We just need to make more.

If we only had a little more.

We could be happy.

We could live their dream.

We can provide.

As a father should. 

FOR (Pro - Vide) LIFE

Food | Clothing | Shelter

Nourishing the Mind...

Nourishing the Body...

Nourishing the Spirit.


we can reach outside their dreams.

And find our own.

within the innocence of our untainted selves.

the reality of who we are.


crossing many bridges with a beginning...


...and first step to the rest of our being.

with infinite choices of how to cross these bridges.

if we even want to.

The path back to the car never looked so beautiful.


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