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Experience MRE

Pete is one of our neighbors in the house sitting gig on Mission Beach. He has a friend, Jaime, that is in the Marines and shared an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) with us.

These are actually given to the soldiers in the Middle East to carry ~ no refrigeration or special care is given. They are also not able to decide which meals they get. They do a swap and have favorites. Our MRE happen to be 'Menu No. 4 Country Captain Chicken'.

The package is actually kinda tricky to open. We used scissors. Guess the soldiers are better equipped with sharp things than we are.

Unpacking this thing is like Christmas. Pete was told by Jaime that they're never really sure what they're going to get. They have three of these packs a day and save some of the stuff to barter or use later.

Ours came with everything you need for a meal ~ check next to the green package on the left middle, a little bundle of toilet paper.

The 'toaster pastry' was actually really good. We usually have bad experiences with any 'toaster pastry' outside of Pop Tarts, but this one was devoured.

After you separate the many parts, you put water in a bag that creates a chemical reaction to warm up the main course.

The bag starts to heat up quickly.

Soon after, it's too hot to touch.

After a set amount of time, you slice open the bags you warmed up and we enjoyed noodles...

And a chicken breast with seasoning.

It was all good ~ we won't be calling this guy.


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