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New Years Eve Party 2003

We are hosting a place where kids and parents can come together and party together!  We are talking great music for both parents and kids, some catering, party favors, and a dance floor!  There never seems to be anything like this to do for families, so we figured we would give them the opportunity to come together and have a great time!  We have always looked for anything like this and have never found anything.  Parents can either go to Chuck E. Cheese and be stalked by a large rodent all night while only the kids are entertained or they are forced to get a sitter and go to a bar by themselves.  There is never anything hip to do for both parents and kids together, till now.   By the way we even had a BareNakedFamily room rate!

So we looked for awhile for a place to hold this party and ended up at the Holiday Inn Atrium.  We decided that having clean bathrooms, a restaurant, and enclosed area for the kids to run around was a good selling point.  Holiday Inn is also a great representation of getting families out and together, so it seemed natural that we would give them our business.

Kathleen was our banquet sales person who coordinated all the details of the catering and setup.  She hooked us up with chips and queso, salsa, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pretzels and mustard, lemonade, soda, and tea.  She got us tables that were nicely decorated, plenty of chairs, and a dance floor!  We really enjoyed hanging out with her and she treated us great! 

We are getting ready for the party!

Some of the catering that Kathleen set us up with. LOTS of PB&J!

Don Vito trying to steal pretzels - lousy disguise, Don Vito!

DJ Jazzy Jenn and Homeboy Austin Aus hooking up the stereo.  We had been compiling our MP3's for days now for the right music and finished it about an hour before the party.

Party crasher!  I'm serious who is this kid?

Our youngest Barenaked partygoer.  This is Luna and she was great during the party.  She hung like a pro and even scored some merch.  Her parents are cool and very much what we are looking for when we think of these parties.  Who wouldn't want to hang out with this kid?

Kathleen even gave us this idea about bubble wrap.  I'm telling you Holiday Inn knows how to throw down!  She told us to get some bubble wrap and lay it on the dance floor and during a song have the kids come out and jump on it!  Turns out the parents were even more thrilled about this and  were ready to help lay it down.  Parent participation is a must at our parties!

Madison is demonstrating the proper technique in applying bubble wrap to any dance floor.  You won't get detail like this at any Home Depot class.

Kendall displaying her Barenaked Party Pass.

I'm telling you, you got to try this at your next party.  The kids really had fun getting the dance floor ready and you could feel their excitement building to get out there and jump on it!

Almost ready and the parents are starting to crack!

Now we are ready to go after the kids and parents lined the entire dance floor and we picked the right music for the occasion - 'Popcorn' by James Brown and 'Anthem' by Good Charlotte.

And they are off! It was cool and you can see that it brought parents and kids out together!  It was loud, fun, and nobody fell!

After we were through we buried the kids in it and threw it around!  Bubble wrap goes a long way. 

The tables made great hiding places for the kids.  You could call them high class Holiday forts.

A cool lookin' baby rockin' on her Party Pass.  She is not starving, we had catering.

She threw the Party Pass down when she realized the Pretzels and cheese were just a few feet away.

Matt and Linda are hanging out in the back right corner judging our dance contest.  You couldn't pick a better set of judges, they knew what they wanted, they wanted dance.

So we danced.

Matt is serious about this contest.  Don't try to sweet talk him out of anything.  You must dance.

Samantha won the dance contest because she got out there and danced like crazy and she didn't try to work her charm on the judges!

She is holding her trophy loud and proud!

They all continued to dance all night long till we had to shut it down and move it outside to ring in the new year.

We had a great time putting this party together and meeting new 'Barenaked' friends!  This was successful because it brought families out and got them together and gave them an experience to remember.  All we wanted out of this is to give families a chance to come out  and let gooooo!  Get out there with the kids and be a kid!  Meet new people.  Have fun and dance.  Be Barenaked.  

We love you.


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