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Indie Pop!

Hola there you that are reading this. Barenakedfamily sponsored 'Rock the Great Pumpkin' at Indie Pop in Austin, TX on Oct 30. We had a great time.

We searched high and low for a band and came very close to having a great kid Rock Band of 12-17 year olds that have been together for four years! They cover Jimi Hendrix to Nirvana and have original music as well. We really wanted them but went with Kid Rock. Hot shoes.

Indie pop Kid Rock.

Or Indie Pop cool sweets.

Piaf, Gerardo, and their baby ('Rain' in spanish) run Indie Pop which serves Gelato, Sorbeto, and some kickin' Mexican drinks.

Morticia, Wednesday, Gomez, Vampira, and Kid Rock.

Did we say Kid Rock?

We meant Keed Rawk.

and ghost stalkin'...

Milhouse. Or maybe it's Meelhousze?!?

Who really cares.

When you're down on your luck looking for some candy...

To make you c-uh-razy!

Lots of dancing and talking ~ since we had no band we played an awesome Rock Music mix created from our own DJ Jennie Jenn ah rooo.

Assistant DJ'd by our own Corgi Corg ah roo.

Indie Pop is on 2310 S Lamar in Austin, Tx. The building houses some retail and a coffee shop with this awesome backyard. Thanks for coming out you all ~ or in Texas ~ Y'all!


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