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Pecan Grove RV Park

We arrived in Pecan Grove and were immediately sucked into the very cool groove in this park.  This ain't Grandma's RV park!  There are some of the greatest people in this park and we got to know them.  If you are ever in Austin you must stop at Pecan Grove RV Park.

Pecan Grove RV Park is on Barton Springs Road in South Central Austin. It is within walking distance of Zilker Springs Park, the Colorado river, South Congress Ave. (SoCo), and downtown Austin. Barton Springs Road and SoCo are very eclectic shopping and hangin out areas. Plus ~ super bonus for us and our obsession with the presidents daughters, Barb and Jenna ~ The Chuy's restaurant that Jenna Bush got busted for underage drinking was within site of the RV in the park.

This place was founded in 1946 and used to be on the outskirts of town.

The view of downtown Austin out the front window in the RV was mesmerizing.  The new Frost Bank building is the center white one and was lit up for the first time when we were there. It has a really cool 'icy' gotham look and ever since we watched the infowars conspiracy theorists on cable access it actually does look like an owl (apparently because George W. Bush attends some rally in Oregon?!?). It is a really pretty skyline and has some really cool buildings.

Our RV and car chillin' in the live music capitol of the world.

Across from us was a really cool row of older Airstreams.  This RV park has charm, personality, and class of it's own.  Austin is home to some of the most eclectic people in the world and even the RV's have their own personality.

The RV park is situated in an old pecan grove and is protected by the way cool Lady Bird Johnson, LBJ's wife.  We learned this when we visited the LBJ Library and museum one day.  It was very interesting reading about this family and their contributions to the state of Texas.

People have set up patios with fences, gardens, and little fireplaces.  It really makes a cozy little home.

And we really wanna Prevost someday.

This is our friend Adam's place.  He lives in his van which is a replica of the A-Team's van and has decorated his car because he thought it was ugly.  Now it is cool and he and the kids take turns beating it with a metal baseball and kicking it just for, well for kicks.

Our very good friends Milton and Adam.  These guys are some of the most genuine humans we have ever met.  The world can learn a lot from these guys and people like this.  They are happy, simple, reliable and honest.  What are your neighbors like?

It is good to see people take pride in their homes.  Most think that they could never respect something like this, but people here do and that's what makes this a special place on Earth.

Bailey is our neighbors' dog and would often come visit with us.

This is looking through the park towards Barton Springs road. There are three (?) rows likek this and a couple of cul-de-sac like areas. It's very hard to get a monthly spot here because of the high demand.

Chris and Sarah live in their van and travel with Renaissance Festivals.  Chris is a jouster and performs in shows and Sarah is  horse masseuse, sells jewelry, and performs in shows as well.  They are very happy with their lifestyle and it really shows.  They are proof that you don't need a lot to be happy.

Tricia, Sarah, and Chris are some really great friends that we made there.  They are featured with barenakedfamilies because they represented being who they are, loving what they do, and making their own choices to accomplish this.  We loved hanging out with them and they were great with the kids.  We miss them a lot.

Doodlebug the Clown lives in Pecan Grove.  Austin avoided this campsite at all times.  He does not like clowns.

Yes that is snow!  It happens to snow every 500 years in Texas and we were there for it!  Our neighbor came over at 2:30 in the morning to let us know, but we waited till around 10:00 to see for ourselves.

We loved being in Austin which was our home for many years before RVing.  It is a way cool place filled with people of every kind, music, art, and beauty.  Pecan Grove was one of the best places we have ever stayed in and met some the neatest friends.  Take a look at the page again and realize what it takes to be happy and content.  There is so much out there that you can miss by getting caught up in yourself and the world.  Step back and think about what you want out of life and then go get it.  Yes, it is that easy.  It seems that people would rather stay frustrated about the way they live instead of fixing the problems and living their dreams.  There is no reason that you can't do what you want.


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