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Rent a Family

Rent a Family is our ongoing efforts to raise funds for the BNFamily Foundation.

Friday July 30, 2004

We distributed our press release for the Rent a Family fundraiser on Wednesday. Thursday we got a call from a local radio station, Z90, wanting to put us on their morning show. Later that day the local CBS news affiliate called to do a story! We scheduled both back to back on Friday morning.

And our day started like this. Apparently, Sunny left the radio on overnight and killed the battery. We had to push start the car several times today. Can't push start a Lexus though!

Check out our Z90 page and Local 8 News page...

Sunday July 25, 2004

More Rent a Family in Escondido ~ we're making some progress and learning a lot about fundraising. It's hard work!

This was a new one for us ~ dog washing. After we washed Jennifer's car, she invited us to her backyard to wash her dog.

A usually happy, playful dog. Weird how dog's love water, but not baths. Also strange how they hate when you blow in their face but love to hang their heads out a car window?!?

And there's a happy, clean dog.

We also got another garden job. This one came at a perfect time ~ another sign from above that we're on the right track. We were bumming hard going door to door in this neighborhood and getting lots of No's. Lots. We took a break on the curb under a shade tree after passing this house 'cause it looked like no one was home. Mike came outside while we were on the curb and commented about our picnic on the street. Said if we were bored we could weed his garden! Since we're a Rent a Family, we told him we could and about BNFamily Foundation.

The garden was mostly dirt with a few green things in it. Thinking easy job here. He went on to explain about the Asparagus Weed that he's been trying to get rid of ~ not Asparagus like we eat, this is a nasty weed that takes over through an immense root system. It gets there from bird droppings. Mike had some men tear out all the bushes that were here and then waited to see where the weed would grow back. This is what he wanted us to root out. It's quite a process, you can't just grab the weed by the base and pull, you have to break up the ground and be careful to get the 'bulbs' and root system or it will grow back.

See how little green is part of the weed? This was a lot of work but we got a wheelbarrow full of weed, root, and bulbs.

We also washed a bunch of cars ~ seems to be the easiest sell. We've also learned that if the houses appear as if the residents don't do their chores, it's unlikely they'll hire a Rent a Family to do their chores. We're getting more selective on our neighborhoods and even houses that we stop at.

Wednesday July 21, 2004

Yee-Haaa BareNakedFamilies! We're making progress on our Rent a Family campaign. Many Families nationwide are joining us this coming weekend to help out.

We're mostly washing cars which is a great way to stay cool and show the kids (and parents) the results of a little hard work.

Tim was on school break and very gracious helping us out. We washed his small truck and made it sparkley. He donated a generous amount to the BNFamily Foundation.

One of our jobs we almost didn't get ~ Diane told us she had a job that needed to be done, but wasn't sure we could or should tackle it. We offered to help. She showed us her hill that she wanted cleared in her backyard. Told us she's been on her husband, Rudy, to do it for a long time ~ so if we wanted the job, it was ours. We took it! Sandals and all.

The kids enjoyed playing with their tools more than using them. Jenn and Greg had to help motivate the kids quite a bit and keep letting them know that the tools actually have a purpose. We asked Austin to get the 'ho' and he holla'd for Sunny. Good times.

It may appear that Sunny, Greg, and Jenn were the only ones working from these pictures, but Kesley and Austin did actually help out a lot (with the Kool-Aid Diane got us).

Too much like 'Real Work'. Grass is way cooler than a dusty, dirty, weedy hill.

After raking the top layer off, we got the kids to bag the debris and Jenn and Greg went to work picking the pieces off the hill. Jenn gets the grass.

And Greg gets the rocks.

We ended up with three trashcans 'compacted' full of limbs and twigs, four bags full of grass and weeds, and four wheelbarrow loads of rocks hauled off ~ all in about three hours time. Five working together is very effective!

Rudy, Diane, and Jake were very grateful for their cleaned up hillside too. They plan on putting some ground cover in soon and we hope they do before the weeds take over again.

We're also making great progress on documenting the Structure of the Foundation as well as creating a Press Release for the Rent a Family campaign. We're working on documents to find local sponsors to support a Fuzion! in Northern San Diego County Inland. Additionally, the nationwide sponsorship campaign is happening where we are seeking corporate sponsors for a tour as well as investors interested in helping bring Families together through Rock n Roll! It will happen, oh yes, it will happen.

Tuesday July 13, 2004

Wow! The Car Wash is going great. We're meeting soooo many Families on the 'Doorsteps of America'. There are so many stories between so few houses. We're really loving this experience and we're getting successful at raising funds for the BNFamily Foundation ~ Bringing Families Together Through Music (or in this case, car washing).

Dang Jenn, those are some really clean cars you got there. We started here with the Expedition, then the Dad came home to wash his blue truck (in the background), then the daughter came home and we did the black Grand Am! Lucrative deal for the foundation and they got 'em some clean cars!

That's Eileen ~ our first 'client' for the day. She got to tell us about how busy they are as a family with three teenage daughters, their activities, and busy careers. Dad whipped up some chickens on the grill. Eileen may call us back to help her clean house ~ hope so. We're 'Rent -a- Family' and proud of it!

This guy (Jim?) was great ~ he couldn't stay away from helping us wash his car. We got most of it done then he showed up with towels and went to town. Clean car. Good money (especially when the 'client' does the work!).

He even took a picture of us!

So we got a picture with their family. Jim(?) is a real people person ~ he works in sales at a Golfing center and thought it was great what we are doing. We stink at remembering names but wrote his down in a notebook we can't find. Anyone out there have our notebook?

The last house of the day ~ there was a company party and we scored on three cars at one house. PLUS ~ they kept loading us up with more donations as we continued washing! We also got to talk with one of 'em about who we are and what we do. The cool thing about washing cars is that most people that want 'em washed, tend to keep 'em clean making our job easier and definitely satisfying when we get to look at our shiny work.

Friday July 09, 2004 ~ Here we are in the throws of our 'Rent ~A~ Family' Fundraising Campaign for The BNFamily Foundation. We're Working Together as a Family washing cars in the community we're in ~ currently Escondido, CA. 

On our way to work today ~ we saw this Prevost tour bus and it had BareNakedFamily written all over it.  If you aren't aware, this is our dream 'home'.

Printing Solutions in Escondido, CA provided print materials for us to hand out. Kragen Auto Parts store in Escondido, CA was the supplier of our 'Rent ~A~ Family' car washing supplies.  We walked in and told them what we were doing, and the store manager took the family into the aisle and loaded us with more stuff than we could carry.  Turns out it was about $50 worth of materials, because they support their community and believe that 'Families Can Work Together'. Thanks for all the help and support! Please go see these businesses ~ they support Family.

We decided putting 9-11 year old kids on the median with car wash signs was a bad idea ~ so we decided to go door to door in neighborhoods to offer up our 'Rent ~A~ Family'. The first house that donated to the Foundation was actually the best story of the day.  As we were walking we saw this lady standing in her garage and approached her with our car wash offer.  She had this look on her face like 'now what?'.  We told her what we were doing and she said on any other day she would love for us to wash her car. Today she was in a hurry to get back to her elderly parents who lived alone and care for them. Her garage door had come off track and was stuck all the way open, she was frustrated because she tried to fix it herself and cut her hand doing it.  Greg fixed it in about five minutes! She was so thankful that she started crying then grabbed each and every one of us to hug us really tight.  This made everyone's day.  She called us Angels.  On top of it all she donated $40 to the Foundation.

Ahhh...the smell of prosperity.  There are so many stories from this day.  The people we met.  The jobs we got to fulfill.  We were also hired by a Hispanic family of five.  The only one who spoke English was the twelve year boy who then translated our mission of the BNFamily Foundation, the work we were out doing, and what they wanted done.  It was very insightful for us and was a beautiful thing as two families communicated to each other through one little boy.

Doing a car wash is a great way to work with kids, they were thrilled to play with the soap and water!  As you can see we were all 'Working Together as a Family'.  One lady came out and said it was so great to see our 'Family Working Together'.  It really hit her what BNFamily Foundation was doing and what 'Families Working Together' meant.  After we were done, we were all standing on her front lawn talking when all of a sudden the automatic sprinkler system went off and soaked us!  We were nailed by the six sprinkler heads and ran into the street! Good, wet, cold times.

Within a few hours, we hit 58 houses, fixed a garage door, had several no thank - you's (which were all polite). About 1 out of 10 that we got to talk with said yes. One woman answered the door with a naked boy standing behind her. Another lady said 'no thanks' because she was broke and getting ready for her wedding. One lady donates to the YMCA. Another said her kids were 'supposed to' wash the car.  Lots of 'em said their car had already been washed but it was clear that they needed to be!?!   It was great to be in the neighborhood and talking face to face with this community and learning a little something about these people.

Best of all we accomplished our mission of raising some funds as a 'Family Working Together' as a personal goal and for the BNFamily Foundation.


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