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Jammin' Z90!

We got a call from Jammin' Z90's Kalvin from Da Mornin Mizfits to come into the studio for an interview about our Rent a Family campaign.

We arrived at the Clear Channel studios in San Diego by 8am. Jammin' Z90 is the local Hip-Hop station.

Jenn got to sign barenakedfamily.com on the wall near "The Rock's" autograph.

Jamal is the morning Zeejay for Da Mizfits show. He's a great guy that really gets and supports Family which is why he wanted us to do the show. Check out his bio on Z90.

Kalvin helps Jamal as an intern. Kalvin hooked us up with some Z90 gear ~ cups, shirts, and some booty-licious Barbies.

One of the results was a call from Kisha in Chula Vista. She was moving from an apartment into a house and needed some help cleaning up, moving stuff, and painting.

Greg took over her son's room to paint it blue.

Jenn managed the master bathroom ~ cleaning, wallpaper, and paint.

Austin and Sunny helped paint some blue in the son's room.

Sunny also helped clean some windows.

Kesley helped with some painting and cleaning.

And Sunny also helped Kisha paint the master closet.

Austin and Greg removed three trees from the front yard.

And raked and cleaned up all the yards around the house.

Sunny and Kesley helped install the lights for the walk.

Victor was helping us all get Kisha ready to move in.


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