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RV Graphics Experience

Our Mo Ho is a '92 Winnebago Elante with a Chevy P30 Chassis driven by a 454 gas motor. We like it very much ~ especially since we've spent so much time making it better for us. We purchased it in 2000 with 18k miles on it. As of Jan '04 it has just over 55k miles. It is way better now than when we started. In addition to repairing everything when it breaks, we have added heavy coil springs in the front, a 1" lift on the back tag axle to even it up, dual performance exhaust, K&N air filter, and lots of tender love and vinyl!! Eventually we want to take you on a tour of the inside.

Our first journey in this RV was from Seattle to Texas and back. We didn't tow a car and actually got stranded for 14 days in Salida, CO on the way back (couldn't find the right parts for repair). The RV was heavily oxidized and had greenish and goldish stripes with the word 'Elante' front, back, and both sides. We liked the shape and interior a lot.


This is one of the first pics with the RV and car as they were when originally purchased. There was actually a fit because both had ugly green on them!


So Greg started ripping the stripes off in 2002. Check out more on this incredibly difficult task here.

Now... ~-~-~-~ VISUALIZE ~-~-~-~

New stripes ~ black and silver ~ match the car that we painted black and silver (with spray paint in a 30mph sustained wind in Jenn's mom's Port Aransas carport - we really need a page on this one!) ~ and no longer a Chevy because VW is much cooler...

Still thinking ~ what to do with the back?

The side front...

The side rear...

Okay, this is too much information...

Then we monkey with what we want using the pictures taken above and some cool computer graphics software...

And believe us when we say Greg way overdid it in the software ~ we'll spare you the gaudiness of some designs! Thank God we didn't have to apply it before realizing less is more.

And these pictures are real!

This is on the door! Cool looks and wonder from this one!

The black flames are now on both sides. Think it helps the image? We sure like it. You may notice we opted with a smaller BARENAKEDFAMILY.com under the black stripe instead of the larger silver on the black stripe. We also added BARENAKEDFAMILY.com on the back of the RV and both sides of the car. With a couple of radio spots this month and our new plugs on the RV and car, we nearly doubled our site hits to just over 25k this month! Not bad for a Hippie Bastard!


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