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San Diego '06

Yep, San Diego again!! Love this place. Love Campland on the Bay. Love being crammed in an RV with 9 people and four dogs. Love the roadschool.com Family (Nodlands ~ Ed, Cheryl, Mitch, Max). Love that Ed is turning 50 and doesn't know we're coming. Love that Linda, Salem's mom, lives there and we'll get to meet her and spend some time with her. Love love.

Love Greg and Brye on the beach at Ed Nodlands 50th birthday celebration in their sarongs.  Don't they look hot?

Love Ed Nodland ~ doesn't he look surprised to see 'those idiots' for his birthday!  He had no idea we were coming and when we walked up on the beach he was speechless...  Was it us or the tequila he'd been drinking in the sun all day?  So we gave him a bottle of our favorite tequila, Cabo Wabo.

Cheryl rented out this beach house right on the boardwalk for all the guests and their Family who came in from all over to party.  They set up on the beach right across from the house complete with tables, BBQ, and horseshoes. But wait, is that a sunset? Will there be a green flash [w]? Will Ed take a shot of Cabo without us? Will slo-mo speed up? Will Cheryl kick those idiots out of the party?

Not those idiots ~ Brye and Salem getting some alone time.

The other side of Ed and Cheryl.

Their humps. Their humps. Their lovely lady humps. Check it out...

Greg and Jenn sneaking away to a place they love.

Jenn and Ed or some old pervert guy drinking beer from a can.  Ed's sense of humor is... interesting to say the least.  Seeing a pure genius literal rocket scientist wear a wig and boozing is not to be missed.  Ed always delivers. 

Ed's son and grandson who we were meeting for the first time.  We have only gotten to know their younger sons Mitch and Max, so it was really cool seeing all their other love children.

We had a ball partying with some old friends.  Ed and Cheryl have always been mentors for us and we have spent so many great times with them.  We were honored to be a part of his birthday celebration as well as being part of their lives.  They are good people. Happy 50th Ed Nodland.

While Brye and Salem went to dinner with Salem's mom Linda on Hallowen night, we decided to corrupt their children by taking them trick or treating for their first time ever!  Since we were on the road back to Mt. Shasta we had o time to put any costumes together ahead of time.  So we grabbed a few things from around the RV and hit some thrift stores to make some costumes.  Faith was probably the cutest ghost you will ever see. 

That's Brendan (a friend from Ireland), Linda ('Nonny' ~ Salem's mom), Salem, Faith (ghost), Brye, and Elijah (too cool for a costume). These guys went to dinner, and we got busy corrupting their children with some Halloween...

We took the kids trick or treating around the RV park before hitting the streets to give Elijah and Faith a full on Halloween experience. 

We also got to spend time with our friend Jennie from Campland.  We first met her and her awesome Family years ago on our first visit here.  We have since become great friends and they actually moved to Austin with us years ago.  But they are Campland through and through and moved back here. Note to Californians: Texas is HOT. Hotter than California deserts. It's not so much the heat as the humidity. Did you have to write that? Truth hurts, ya'll.

Faith and Elijah going door to door collecting candy.  They couldn't believe how cool this concept was.  You go to doors, say something stupid, and you get candy!

Yep, but there's risks. Gotta love Halloween.


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