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San Diego 1938

Wow ~ blast from the past. Doug lived across the street from the San Diego house we're house-sitting for the Nodlands (www.roadschool.com). Doug decided to rebuild his house and it now looks like this. So he doesn't live there now.

The kids decided to become archaeologists and dig up the yard before the loader comes in tomorrow and digs it out for the foundation. The house we're staying in is just to the left of the one in the background.

The effort began with somebody finding a newspaper from 1938 that brought the entire block out to gawk. We've decided to throw a block party. More on that later.

Doug says we can keep what we find ~ he went to the happy hour down the street. Greg and Jenn are drinking wine. Kesley made us a meatloaf that's cooking. And Austin found this old time clothespin. One of the coolest things we've found yet.

The community here was built around 1920. This paper was buried in the sand under the house. How cool is it that somebody probably put it there for the future to find.

And here's the future taking digital pictures of the paper ~ putting these digital pictures on the internet within the hour and beaming the newspaper from January 7, 1938 around the world!

Check this Eddins Motor Co. ad out! Wonder how priceless these cars are today? Where are they?

And where would the poo from this stuff be today?

Remember Piggly Wiggly? Are they still out there ~ anyone?

Another article in the paper was giving away radios as grand prizes!

Good advice. My wine just dribbled down my neck, then I puked. And just got back from a pee. But I did not lean over the table. Gotta clean the floor now.

Just saw one of these at the vintage store for $395 some 66 years later... What's up with that?

And Chiclets for 5c. Where's that friggin cents key on the keyboard anyway?

Jenn just talked with her mom. Mom reminisced how she used to think it would be so cool to watch a movie anytime she wanted. Greg remembers thinking how cool it would be to watch Gilligans Island on something like, well ~ TIVO. Austin, Kesley, and Sunny freak when we tell 'em we only had three TV stations growing up. 

Greg's 95 year old gramma, Ditty, is taken care of by her daughter, Mitty (Sunny's namesake, Greg's Mom). She's still in the home Greg grew up in ~ well actually next door but Ditty was the feeder and much easier to live with as a teen. When Greg was talking with Ditty last week, she was upset that she was left at Agnes' house. She wanted to go home. Greg had called her at her home. He played along cause it's easier that way. 

See ~ Ditty has lost track of all time and space. She bounces between now, to 90 years ago, to 30 years ago, to 60 years ago and so on. She is not senile or Alzheimer's, she remembers most everything. She truly has been blessed with the ability to forget time and space. She is living somewhere between our world and the beyond. She has regular visits with her husband and friends that have long since passed through this world. She is beautiful in her infancy, wisdom, and knowledge of this fleeting moment the rest of us live in. 

Agnes was her Aunt in-law?!? We had no idea. Ditty and her new husband had to stay at their house during the depression. A time when family had to count on each other for entertainment. If there was a TV, it wasn't on long. People were entertainment. They sang together, worked together, lived together, played together. The grocery store that sustained them was in the same building in downtown Austin on Congress. Everyone worked. Nobody freaked that kids were working to sustain a biz. Nobody was freaked about public school or not. Nobody was freaked about getting sued if someone slipped on the floor. Betting most parents spent most of their waking hours with their kids and that was normal.

We live in an incredible time. We can watch movies whenever we want. We can TIVO shows that we enjoy. We can spend time together if we decide to and insist that we do. We live in the 21st century. All this time saving technology 'frees' our time ~ time to 'spend' with our families ~ this free time doesn't cost us a thing. It doesn't require that we have luxury homes and fine autos and leather furniture and exotic vacations ~ this free time and space we live in now is all we really 'own'. Just ask Ditty.


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