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San Diego Harbor Tour

We went on a tour of San Diego Harbor with Weed and the J Family.  We all happen to be in San Diego at the same time and wanted to spend some quality RV family time together.  So we decided we would hit the water BareNakedFamily style.

Have you seen so many traveling kids at once?  How do they socialize, they ask!

We were gonna rent a sailboat but 14 people can't fit in a sailboat you can rent ~ not to mention none of us know how to sail. Probably better that we got a captain on a power boat.

We got really close to the Naval station in the harbor and saw many training thingies going in.  Helicopters were hovering overhead, jets were landing, and we saw many submarines in the water. 

The Coronado Bridge is a huge bridge that surrounds the water here.  It is very spooky to drive over because it is so high, but it has one nice view of San Diego. There is a rumor that it will float if destroyed so the Navy ships can get out. False. Turns out the rumor started because large sections were brought in by barge giving the appearance that the parts floated.

Some really cool jets on the aircraft carrier we passed.  It was kinda weird that we were able to get so close. These are actually on a carrier that has recently been turned into a museum.

Big Navy stuff.

A lot of ships and tankers are built here.  This one was being built right here in the harbor.

When they need to lift the tankers that they are building, maintaining, or fixing ~ they use this thing.  They sink it into the water under the ship and then raise it up to work on the bottom.

This one was recently finished and was set into the water just a few weeks ago.

Jerry and the world famous Colton Weed.  Sometimes Colton doesn't feel like posing for the cameras because it happens so much.  Jerry was trying to get him away from the mobs of people who were trying to get a glimpse.

Josh, Sunny, Kesley, Johnnie, Austin, Joe, Brenon.  They act as Colton's entourage. 

One of the many ships we saw in the harbor.

Janet's head.

MTV's 'The Real World San Diego' house.  We really don't like that show.

Joe and Austin chillin' on the boat.  These guys are great friends and we sure love the J Family.  We were thrilled when we heard they were going to be in San Diego for awhile and loved spending time with them.  These guys got it, I don't know what it is, but they got it - Jack Black.

It was great being with Weed and the J Family together.  It seems that we all have something wonderful in common, the love for family.  These families have been very important in helping the BNFamily Foundation.  Both have lent a great deal of support, friendship, and business smarts to us and we are forever grateful for them.  The world needs more families like these.


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