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San Diego Beach Cottage

We left Austin to head to San Diego for the winter, or as the kids would say ~ Campland.  We called and found out that there were no more monthly spaces available in Campland because they shut down another RV park across the way and they all moved into Campland.  So we called the Nodlands, who were in San Diego finishing their beach cottage project, and asked them to keep their eyes open for something in Campland.  Well turns out that they are taking a trip to Europe and were looking for someone to house-sit their beach cottage and offered us the place for awhile!

The cottage sits in a really cool community built in the 1920s that is tightly packed between the Pacific Ocean (left) and Mission Bay. The community was designed with public transportation in mind leaving very little room for parking and driving. This pic is looking north towards La Jolla. San Diego would be to the right. The coaster is in Belmont Park. The whale just hangs out here all the time.

This is looking out the front porch.  The beach is across the street just at the sidewalks horizon. Looking the other way is towards the bay but at the end of the sidewalk is a condo blocking the view of the whale.

The front of the cottage originally built in 1920.  The Nodlands kicked some serious butt on this place, they rebuilt the front porch from nothing to a cute little deck, added a fence, and some plants.  It is the nicest porch on the block.

Looking out the front door. Our neighbors view is the same.

This living room was all torn up and full of crap when we were here last year and now is full of our crap.  The Nodlands fully furnished the house with very cool and stylish furniture and used space saving stuff to make the best use of space.  The whole house is about 900 sq. ft but feels enormous coming from an RV.

That's Jenn's butt in red on the right. Ed isn't the type to put anything red in his house ~ except Jenn's barenakedfamily butt of course. We might even rent a red car to park near the whale.

A picture of the Belmont Park roller coaster that is down the road from where we are. No whale.

This kitchen is the best!  It has a big fridge and freezer which is something new for us.  We have bought all kinds of stuff that we haven't been able to buy in the RV (like Ice Cream)!  It has a strange box that you put dirty dishes in and push a button and they come out clean! This kitchen has like way more space than we need too.

We have two bathrooms and a Jacuzzi tub in this one!

The boom boom room.

This is a picture of Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands in Washington state where we spent our ten year anniversary.  Turns out that Ed and Cheryl honeymooned here when they got married and there's a bizarre story about them keeping this picture and almost losing a house deal. Weird. Cool.

The shower in the master bedroom has two shower heads and dimming lights. Wonder what Ed had in mind when he built this? We're proud of him for having a red parrot on the wall.

And a toilet! Has the luxury seating feel to it ~ not a standard seat, all contoured and fancy like. You should stop by and try it. Karen and Tara both have commented on it.

Austin likes to claim closets as rooms even though he can't legally stay in the closet so don't tell anyone. Turns out the cot wouldn't fully extend in here anyway.

Their room came with bunk beds that they take turns on while the other one sleeps on the single bed.  They have come up with a little process to make sure everyone gets a chance to sleep where they want.

A washer and dryer in the house! We haven't lived with a washer and dryer in years!

This is the side of the house in the back.  The Nodlands used every bit of space they could to make sure everything had a place.  The gate is where we store all the bikes, bodies, boards, and stuff.

This is in the back and the other side of the house.  All the houses are this close and makes parking tricky.  We parallel park the VW in the space to the left of the pic and are actually very lucky to have 'a' parking space in this community.

That is our bedroom window ~ look at the eve of the house, there is a motion sensor light for the drunks to jump in front of after the bars close because without it it's really dark in the alleyway. Without this light we provide they have difficulty yelling, fighting, arguing, and walking to their houses talking as loud as they can drunk.  Spring Break is sooo cool! It is mostly college aged people here and lots of renters.

The alley behind the house looking up at the road toward the beach.

And the other way towards the bay. Cool whale.

This is a common sight around here.

We go to the beach whenever we can cause we can and it rawks.  This day there was a big storm out in the ocean, which the weatherman acted like was the storm of the century, so the surfers headed out to catch some big waves.  There were some huge waves for the next couple of days,  they were about 12 ft. to about 20 ft. at times.

The day the storm waves were happening the waves were breaking at the top of the end of the pier. Impressive. Fortunately we have a whale.

The Coast Guard was practicing their maneuvers and were jumping waves in their boat.  They got a little carried away, but it was fun to watch.

We were watching the storm of the century when this rogue wave came all the way up and bounced off the seawall!  It came up about 100 ft. from the ocean. We've seen pictures of the waves crashing on the sea wall.

Our friends, Weed, are another traveling family who came to San Diego and hung out on the beach with us.  We love hanging out with them and their kids Brenon and Colton.  Colton is a little creepy for his age, but makes for some good entertainment!  Brenon and the kids always entertain themselves while we keep an eye on Colton.

Austin practicing skim boarding. And looking for the whale.

Kesley being a diva.

We are thankful to the Nodlands for giving us their house to use while we are here and we are thoroughly enjoying the experience of living at the beach.  It is a beautiful house and they have done a great job on it.  It is fun to be in it and we love the space, but you quickly remember how long it takes to clean a house and keep it clean.  The kids have already said that they will be ready to get back into the RV when we are done and no longer think that more space is cool. We've been able to take a few short trips in the RV since being in the house ~ it's home now, you know ~ and 'home is where you make it'.


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