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Shasta to Vegas

We spent a week in Mt. Shasta before packing up the McBee's RV to head to Austin to surprise our friend Isaac for his birthday.  We have been secretly planning this part of the trip with Johnna, Isaac's wife without him knowing!  Not so easy.  We were sad to leave Mt. Shasta but excited about road-tripping with the McBee's!

Right before we loaded up... then Brye let Austin drive the RV down the driveway to hook up the Jeep.

No matter how many times we have hooked up a tow car, you can't help but confuse the hell out of the driver with all the ridiculous hand signals.

Here we go!

We cruised through Northern California on our way to Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are planning on meeting up with the ABC Nightline film crew in a few days to profile barenakedfamily in a series about living differently in America.  This was extremely hard to put together because we jut wanted to take a vacation and not have to plan on being anywhere at a certain time.  But the film crew had to buy plane tickets to come to where we were and needed some sort of commitment from us.  We finally settled on Las Vegas and off we were.  The plan is to meet four other RV Families there as well.  That came together on it's own when we talked with them and learned that we were all going to be in the same area at the same time.  This is a bonus for the ABC Nightline film crew.

Brye and Salem taking the rare ride in the back of their own RV.  It's cool to have more drivers!

Especially hot ones.  Yum.

Our first Wal-Mart along the way.  Yep, that's a lady with a gun in the Nevada desert Wal-Mart.  Kids stay close.

Jenn and Salem coming in from some night time shopping back to the RV village in the Wal-Mart parking lot that is not uncommon. If you didn't know, most Wal-Mart's are okay with overnight parking.

If the lady can bust out her gun, then we feel totally comfortable busting out the patio furniture!  We pulled up some chairs and hung out in the parking lot drinking our beers watching the other RVer's hanging out and gawking at the shoppers gawking at us.  After we went to bed and all passed out we woke up about 3 am to the dog sounds of Babe's (Golden Retriever) throwing up and Kailua (black Lab) having diarrhea right next to the girls who were sleeping on the dinette.  Jenn and Salem got up and took them for a walk in the grassy area of the Wal-Mart parking lot while the guys cleaned up the mess.

The next morning we were off again.  With cleaner floors.  Thanks dogs. 

We passed through this really patriotic little town out in the middle of nowhere.  It was the home of military bases and way too many bombs and all things war related.  Because war works.  Yeah right.  Couldn't wait to get the hell out of this place. 

Since we were going to be going around Area 51 we made some of our own badges for access.

They were a mixture of names from National Lampoons Vacation and RV.  Yes folks, we are that creative.

Taking the highway towards Area 51.

On the Extraterrestrial Highway of course. 

We planned on stopping in the small town of Rachel, Nevada at the Little Ale' Inn which is always on the travel channel.  It has become a little stop for those making a pilgrimage to see Area 51... and aliens.

It is so remote, that you hardly see anything around.  The people that run the place live out back with a few other random humans in some trailers.

You can buy this little print out for 33c that has a map of the existing roads that go through Area 51 and other interesting points.

Inside the Little Ale' Inn bar, restaurant, and gift shop.  They have all kinds of cool stuff about Area 51 with pictures and documents of happenings in the area.

We decided to have a drink and toast the Aliens.

Aliens rule!

Maybe Brye felt a little nervous, he stood by the door and made sure the kids didn't cross over the official duct tape line on the floor to prevent underage kids from being near the bar or the slot machines.

We bought all kinds of cool souvenir crap and just hung outside the Little Ale' Inn taking in the vast remoteness.  Oh, and over those mountains in the background is where Area 51 is. It was about 3pm and we contemplated staying here to watch for UFOs that evening.


Looking over at Area 51 just beyond those mountains.

As we were sitting at the tables outside this little lady in an electric scooter cruised through the trailer park looking like she has been here for years and years.  She had a little wagon attached to her scooter and just cruised all around.  Shortly after seeing her in the trailer park we saw her checking her mail down the road as we were leaving.   She just kinda creeped us out. Was she one of them?

Jenn decided she was not going to stay overnight in Rachel and got a little dramatic in her pursuit of leaving...

We got her to leave by promising that we would drive to Area 51 down this road. We're not allowed to show you any of those pictures. After a few hours at Area 51 we made a stop at the famous mailbox where people drop off letters for the Aliens.  You can't get this stuff in public school!

The kids each wrote a letter and put it in the mailbox that is literally in the middle of nowhere!  Then they took turns signing their names on the mailbox.

What?  These are my Area 51 glasses?  If you still believe I'm Brye...

I feel like I am being abducted! you were.

Salem signing our new name for our tour ~ "The Living it Up Tour '06".

Really dude, you have to stop wearing those sunglasses. I will shrink your head to this size.

Seek 2 Know.

We finally got the real Brye back indicated by the change in his sunglasses and resuming his hot look.

So the women tapped the rest of the boxed wine, so he could drive.

We arrived at the Valley of Fire State Park right outside of Las Vegas.  It was so beautiful and we were excited to have some quiet time before going into Las Vegas.  There are no hookups in the park and since we were all alone we all took turns showering naked under the stars in the campground water taps.  It was one of the most awesome things we have ever done.

Since there were no hookups we couldn't run the air conditioning and it made for a really hot night.  Since the park is all closed in by the rock formations there was literally no wind and it was so miserable to try to sleep in.  It was hot and dry all night long.  Greg, Jenn, and Kesley ended up sleeping outside on the picnic bench just for some fresh air.  The next morning Jenn and Elijah were the first ones up and climbed up one of the rocks seeking wind. no wind.

And then Babe's took a crap.

What a beautiful morning, even though we all slept terrible.

The rest of the kids started waking up and climbing all over the rocks, looking for wind.

From the top of the rock near our campsite. No wind.

It's hard to tell just how high up Faith is but she was up there. Parents were okay because there was no wind to blow her off.

The rocks were so beautiful and full of little caves and hideouts.  The kids spent hours playing in them.

You can kind of tell just how tall these rocks are.

"Slow kids at play"... or "SLOW, kids at play"?

Before we headed into Las Vegas we decorated the car with The Living it Up Tour stuff.

Thought this was funny since our two Families had fallen into internet Family dating love with each other and we were heading to Las Vegas.  It only lasted a day though because Brye, Greg, and Austin went to the grocery store together and people stared at them as they got out of the car.  They took it off before they ever left the grocery store.

Does anyone know what this means? We do.

And there goes... "LIVIN' IT UP TOUR '06 ~ UNPLUGGED - BARENAKED"

"Full-Timers USA"


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