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Experience So-Cal 'Grommet Surfin'

There we were ~ in a beach community and had never surfed before. The great thing about living there is you meet the people you need to know that have the equipment ~ renting and lessons can be soooo expensive.

What's a 'Grommet'? There are four NOT in this picture.

And So-Cal ~ for those 'not in the know', it stands for SOuthern CALifornia.

Austin wishes they all could be California Girlssssssssss.....

Kes ~ she is a So-Cal girl. And Texan. And Washingtonian. And Arizonian. And Nor-Easterner. And Coloradoan. And Floridian. And North Carolinian. And... 

On her way to surf as the first time as a Grommet ~ also affectionately known as 'Grom'.

Austin's first time ever on a surfboard.

Jenn's too.

VW was made for surfboards.

Pete is a true hard-core surfer. As a true hard-core surfer he is obligated to teach 'Groms' to surf (so he tells us). Either way, he taught the girls how to surf and gave some extra tips to Austin.

He would also ignore Greg when he would offer surf tips in Texas slang.

'In the box' ~ someone needs to tell him we're trying to stay out of the box, but he won't listen to Greg, ya'll.

The great thing about these surf straps ~ they are designed to keep your surfboard with you by tying them around your ankle. The kids later took boogie boards and tied the string around their ankle. Turns out on a boogie board, they're supposed to go around the wrist ~ kids couldn't figure out why they should boogie board with their ankle tied to the front of a boogie board!



Gone! All the kids wanna live in So-Cal now. Last month it was Texas. The month before that it was Boston. The month before that was Colorado. The month before that was... 

Kids are such great educators.


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